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2017 Conference Materials


Hey! You just made a difference.
The collective positive impact that quality after school programs make in the lives of our children is maximized by the outstanding people working within them. The connections you make and the relationships you foster can have a profound effect on the success of all of our kids. Encountering challenges along the way is always part of the process and even though you may not always see the immediate results of your work, your involvement and commitment to children makes our communities better. Embrace the journey!

Workshop I     9:25-10:25

2017 STEM Reading Connections – Build a Better World
A team of Nebraska Extension Educators have partnered with the Nebraska Library Commission and their local libraries and afterschool programs to provide lessons that support the National Summer Reading Program theme and to provide a connection between reading, STEM, and 4-H. Local afterschool coordinators use these “grab and go” lessons in their programs. In this session you will receive hands-on training regarding past year’s curricula and be included on the list to receive the 2018 curriculum.

Presenters: Jackie Steffen and Jennifer Hansen, Nebraska Extension

2017 Reading Connections – Build a Better World

CATCH Kids Club—Learn, Grow, Eat & Go
     Learn, Grow, Eat & Go: Discover how the University of Nebraska Extension can partner with you to bring Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! to your program. It is the new research-based curriculum of the International Junior Master Gardener® Program. Created by teachers, this multifaceted garden, nutrition, and physical activities curriculum is evidence-based and academically rich. Through hands-on lessons, your students will understand how plants provide for people’s needs. The 10-week program will step your class through the process of establishing a thriving garden. Fresh vegetable tasting/evaluation, simple recipe demos, and physical activities that research shows can improve on-task behavior and academic performance are included.
    CATCH Kids Club Training: Childhood obesity and physical inactivity is a problem all across the country. Nebraska Extension is working hard to ensure that the children in Nebraska are educated on proper nutrition and proper amounts of physical activity. Nebraska Extension has chosen C.A.T.C.H. as a research and evidence based physical activity curriculum. The C.A.T.C.H. Kids Club (CKC) is a physical activity and nutrition education program designed for elementary and middle school aged children (grades K – 8) in an after-school or summer setting. CKC is composed of nutrition education and physical activity. The CKC program offers an easy-to-use format that both children and staff enjoy and is easy to implement.

Bradley Averill, Nicole Vencil, Leslie Crandall, and Lynn DeVries, Nebraska 4-H 

Nebraska Extension: Implementation of CATCH Kids Club

Engaging Youth in Nutrition and Physical Activity Afterschool
In this workshop, you will learn to teach and involve youth in an Experiential Learning process that is ideal for the afterschool setting. You will learn a variety of direct teaching techniques, how to provide purposeful learning and how to have engaged and energetic youth that are excited to learn. As adults working with youth, you will be able to identify learning preferences and how to implement curriculum strategies and materials that maximize the learning environment to effectively engage all youth.

Presenters: Nicole Busboom and Emily Gratopp, Nebraska 4-H

Engaging Youth in Nutrition and Physical Activity Afterschool

Engineering is Elementary Afterschool Curriculum
The Engineering is Elementary curriculum, developed by the Boston Museum of Science, provides free downloadable afterschool engineering curriculum for grades 3-8. This hands-on session will introduce activities for “What is Technology?”, “What is Engineering?”, and the Engineering Design Process. An overview of “Engineering Adventures” and “Engineering Everywhere” afterschool curricula will also be presented.

Presenter: Gwyn Williams, Omaha Collective for Youth

Explore Outdoors
Come discover how to help your students develop a scientific mindset, ignite wonder and curiosity, and fall in love with nature. Learn simple, student-centered routines that will encourage your students to go beyond seeing nature as a “green blur,” and lead them to never being bored in nature again. Along with tips on how to manage students in an outdoor setting, you will leave this workshop with tools to help students use these important scientific skills: • Exploring. • Observing. • Asking questions. • Making connections. • Discovering science mysteries. • Formulating explanations based on evidence.

Presenter:  Keanna Leonard, For the Love of Prairie 

Prairie Explorer
I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of . . .

Partner Carousel
Do you have an idea, or need an idea, for partnering with statewide organizations committed to supporting your afterschool program? If so, individuals hosting Walk ‘N Talk tables will join small group discussions during this session to assist in brainstorming and planning. The intended audience for this session is program leaders.

Rockin’ and Rollin’ to Music and Rhythm Activities in the Afterschool Program
Interested in bringing music and theater into your afterschool program? Learn how to teach youth the joy of music, rhythm, theater, and dance through hands-on activities that will keep students moving and grooving!

Presenter: Brandon Prater, Lincoln Public Schools

Tinker, Explore, Create
The aim of this workshop is to highlight Tinker. Explore. Create. (TEC Box) curriculum as a technique to engage 3rd-6th grade youth in entrepreneurial thinking, and to understand the rationale and implications of using these programs in classroom and afterschool settings. Participants will leave this session prepared to teach team building and non-cognitive entrepreneurial skills through multiple small team exercises. The four sessions in the TEC Box curriculum are designed to help 4-H staff and leaders, educators, and volunteers with little to no entrepreneurship background teach the program, as the information and knowledge is all provided in the lesson plans.

Presenters: Jacie Milius and D’ette Scholtz, Nebraska Extension

Tinker. Explore. Create.

Workshop II     10:45-11:45

Circles: Girls Workforce Development
Circles: Girls Workforce Development: Circles partners middle school aged girls in after school programs with highly skilled and highly successful women in the community (coaches). The girls receive direct instruction on the coach’s message, then meet with the coach, and finally go out into the community to see women in the real world workforce. Circles partners with attorneys, doctors, graphic designers, advertisers, film makers, firefighters, professors, advertisers, and many more professionals.

Presenter: Kent Day, Nebraskans for Civic Reform

Investing in Family Engagement with Y4Y
Engaging families in your program can be challenging but is easily worth the investment of time, energy and resources when you see the value in terms of student success. This session will explore best practices for improving and developing relationships with families. You for Youth (Y4Y) trainers will collaborate with participants to customize free resources and tools to help create a family-friendly environment, serve family needs, plan activities for engagement and solicit family input and leadership.

Presenters: Allison Zalewski, You for Youth and Miranda Cairns, Department of Education 

Reaching Out to Families
Creating a Family Guidebook
Overcoming Challenges to Family Engagement
Goals for Family Engagement

Movement in Afterschool
This presentation will demonstrate the importance and benefits of incorporating movement into the classroom and afterschool programs. Attendees would not need to have any dance experience, as their students would not need to either. We will look at different types of movement and how they can be used in all varieties of lessons or programs.

Presenter: Marisol Herling, Lincoln

Nebraska’s Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) Design Challenge
Come learn about the new Nebraska Department of Education Innovation grant supported Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) Design Challenge – a 30-month project designed to help develop next generation ELO programs for communities currently without ELO programs AND to strengthen existing current programs. In addition to sharing information about the project we are facilitating, we are collecting insight from existing ELO programs so come ready to share your top three concerns about your ELO programs.

Presenters: Jeff Cole, Beyond School Bells Lead and Anna Wishart, Beyond School Bells Director of Partnerships

Program Planning and Improvement
Participants will learn how the workshops in the Youth Work Methods series are aligned with program improvement. Use data to create a plan for improvement through participation with all staff members. In this interactive session, participants will explore powerful and easy to use methods that promote youth engagement in planning, implementing, and evaluating activities and projects. Use the gifts of current staff members to improve quality and increase staff engagement.

Presenters: LaShira Lemons  and Darchel Amos, Urban League of Nebraska 

Self-Care is Not Selfish
You pay an emotional price for doing the work that you do. Some of us hear difficult stories daily and are frequently exposed to traumatic details from students and families. Even very healthy staff with optimal life/work balance and self-care strategies can experience compassion fatigue. Participants will understand the definitions of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burn out, warning signs and symptoms and hands on tools for self-care and restoring resiliency.

Presenters: Kay Glidden and Beth Reynolds Lewis, Compassion Resiliency

Effective Organizational & Individual Strategies
Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma – Signs and Symptoms
Compassion Fatigue Resources
Walk The Walk

Spotlight on the Stars of the Show- Sharing the Benefits of Your Afterschool Program through Feature Videos
Social media provides a unique opportunity for afterschool professionals to connect with parents, administrators, stakeholders, partners, and donors. Sharing engaging information that highlights the benefits of afterschool programs can lead to increased youth participants, support, and funding. Workshop participants will learn how to effectively communicate the benefits of their afterschool programs; how to easily share these benefits through the production of short, low-cost videos that can be distributed through social media; and how to manageably implement a plan that spotlights the stars of the afterschool show: youth and staff. Feature videos from 4-H Youth Development and Click2Science will be shared.

Presenters: Tracy Pracheil, Danielle DeWees, and Samantha Gerken, Nebraska Extension

Spotlight on the Stars of the Show

Workshop III     1:15-2:15

A-B-C, 1-2-3, That’s How Easy Aligning Can Be
Learn strategies to plan afterschool clubs and activities that enhance and align to what students are learning during the school day. Social studies and English Language Arts resources that can serve as the foundation for interesting explorations afterschool will be shared by Nebraska Department of Education content specialists.

Harris Payne, NDE, Education Specialist, Social Studies; 
Marissa Payzant, NDE, English Language Arts Specialist 

A-B-C, 1-2-3, That’s How Aligning Can Be

Adventures with Makerspace
This presentation will expose participants to a number of hands-on Makerspace activities, enabling them to see how to transform a “toy” into a powerful learning tool that can be enjoyed through a multitude of challenges. Participants will learn the meaning of Makerspace, and will understand that it does not take a large budget to create an engaging Makerspace center.

Presenter: Kathie Phillips, Lincoln 21st CCLC

Paper and Tape Challenges – Tower
Paper and Tape Challenges
LEGO Challenges
Gumdrops and Toothpick Challenge
Geodesic Domes
Wood Cubes

Attracting Support through Quality Grant Strategies
It all starts with understanding and applying the components of a quality grant proposal that is concise, compelling, and aligned to the interests of prospective funding sources. The session will then examine how to identify funding sources which share the objectives of the project/organization. Participants will be engaged in exploring funding acquisition strategies to support current and innovative programs.

Presenter: Mark Whitacre

Attracting Support through Quality Grant Strategies

Happy Orchard
The Happy Orchard suite of educational resources are designed to help you teach children about the pollination process and the importance of pollinators for food production. Resources include an app, augmented reality signs for your school garden, lesson plans, and two children’s books.

Presenter: Deb Weitzenkamp , Nebraska Department of Education

Happy Orchard

Pathways for Youth from Afterschool to a Career – So You Want to Be A … Curriculum Unveiled
The youth in our programs are career bound. Afterschool programs have unique opportunities to introduce youth to career possibilities. This session will help you develop new strategies for helping elementary and middle school youth find career pathways that interest and engage them. It will include an overview of the “So you want to be a …”, a new career education curriculum specifically designed for afterschool programs by Beyond School Bells. The activities, handouts, video and discussions from this session will help participants learn to identify and explain career pathway options using Nebraska’s career clusters. We will discuss the importance of role models and how to find role models within urban or rural communities.

Josh Jones, Lincoln Public Schools
Saundra Frerichs and Julie Crandall, Nebraska 4-H

STEM – SEL – Growth Mindset
Effective SEL instructional practices include: encouraging personal responsibility, choice and self-reflection through planning, and intentional teacher language. Providing opportunities for competence building and cooperative learning. These same instructional practices can be used during STEM experiences to build both STEM and SEL and gain an increased growth mindset in youth. Participants will be able to: 1. Define STEM; 2. Define SEL -Social Emotional-Learning; 3. Define Growth Mindset. Participants will understand how all three work together and benefit the whole child. Participants will learn the importance of: 1. Being a learning facilitator; 2. Guiding discussions within activity with questions and feedback; 3. Fostering collaboration through small group or teamwork.

DeJuan Reddick and Donna Beasley, Omaha YMCA
Gwyn Williams, Collective for Youth

Step by Step: How to Build Outside Partnerships
This program is presented by the staff from North Platte Public Schools KIDS Klub Afterschool Program. KIDS Klub has worked over the last two years to successfully build partnerships with over two dozen outside partners inside and outside their community. We’ll show you step by step how to: 1) identify good quality potential partners; 2) how to determine the appropriate “ask”; 3) how to effectively reach out to those businesses/organizations, and 4) how to keep them interested in continuing to work with your program. We’ll share real-world experiences so you’ll know when to walk away or ask for more!

Carrie Lienemann and Melanie O’Brien, North Platte Kids Klub 
Jennifer Jones, Beyond School Bells

TEN TALK – 2:30-3:00

Community Partnerships that Work for Youth
Learn about partnerships that benefit youth, afterschool programs and community partners. Cool Kids and Nebraska 4-H formed a unique partnership in Sidney that brings the 4-H club experience to the afterschool setting. It connects both organizations to their community in a new way by integrating the school district to the 4-H program and has created new opportunities for all youth involved. These TEN Talks will highlight national, state-wide and local resources to develop partnerships with 4-H.

Cynthia Gill ad Saundra Frerichs, Nebraska 4-H 
Coleen Langdon (retired), Cool Kids Afterschool 

Engage Youth in Learning
Learn how to engage youth in learning including strategies for collaborative learning. When students work effectively with others, their engagement may be amplified as a result (Wentzel, 2009). Participants will learn to make group work more productive for youth. Strategies will be shared that can be implemented to ensure students know how to communicate and behave in that setting.

Presenters: Shelli Henry and Angela Reed, Boys ad Girls Club of the Midlands

Making Cents of It
Learn how “Making Cents of It” can help second and third grade youth learn more about money and finance. This Nebraska 4-H project is a hands-on one-hour format that may be offered from one to eight times depending upon the time your program has available. Evaluations have shown that up to 96% of youth began to save their money after participating in the program.

Leanne Manning, Nebraska Extension
Zoe Kraus, Crete Public Schools

Making Cents of It

School Community Partnerships and Resource Sharing
The answer to real education/school transformation is strong, authentic community connections and actions. When families, community groups, business and schools band together to support learning, young people achieve more in school, stay in school longer, and enjoy the experience more. Participants will hear from two site directors that used their skills to create a true school community partnership that focus on the following: •Community/business school partnerships •Parental collaboration •Curriculum connected to real world experiences •Student voice •Cross generation learning •Locals designing solutions to local problems.

Presenters: Sherry Dukes and Deana Blount, Omaha Public Schools

Staff Development in no time
This session will cover ways to maximize your coaching/development opportunities. In one talk we will cover having in-the-moment conversations, making the most of the time you have by utilizing deliberate conversations, and tying other conversations you have to professional development. In the other talk we will cover conversations around goal-setting and helping your staff take ownership of their development.

Presenter: Anna Hazard, Crete Public Schools

Training Diverse Prepared Staff – New Employee Orientation
Come learn how an Omaha agency focuses on training staff and site directors within afterschool. The importance of staff training doesn’t end with new workers. Manager training and development is equally important to have quality programs, productivity, and satisfaction. Among the most useful skills that can be addressed are manager communication, employee motivation, and staff recognition. New hire orientation programs include showing new staff what quality looks like and how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. It is also a great opportunity to introduce staff to the organization, its mission, its culture and policies. Adding these elements to your new employee orientation checklist can greatly improve worker satisfaction and staff retention.

Partners: Marilyn McBride and Beth Loftus, Kids Can Omaha

Club Creation Committee
How can you keep programs fresh and exciting for your students without burning out your staff? The answer is simple… have your staff create the programs! It is equally important to make sure you are capturing the interests of as many students as possible, providing high quality programs, and getting community members involved. With some simple guidelines, you can get your staff creating programs that meet all the aspired objectives of your after-school program. This also creates more buy in from staff, collaboration, and offers them more resume building opportunities!

Presenters: Austin Casselberry and Tim Browning, Norfolk Public Schools

Club Creation Committee handout
Club Creation Committee PowerPoint
Sign up sheet

Afterschool Tailgate
We want to celebrate the great work that you do!!! Immediately following the conference, please join us in the parking lot for the Afterschool Tailgate—provided by Beyond School Bells. Food and drinks will be provided! Beyond Schools Bells’ “Think, Make, Create” Mobile Makerspace Trailer will be set up in the parking lot and you can learn more about these trailers and implementing makerspaces in your afterschool programs. And…great prizes will be given away, including two full-size makerspace tubs and free curriculum for afterschool programming!



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