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Webinars/Presentations 21st CCLC

Listed according to Elements of Quality addressed:

Family Partnerships

Do Math: Family Mathematics Webinar
Deb Romanek, Director of Mathematics Education, Nebraska Department of Education
Take a closer look at the Family Math book available from your 21st CCLC afterschool program library. Experience activities from the resource using everyday materials. Several models of hosting a family math event were shared. Learn how to get the entire family involved in doing math together.
Materials needed: Paper clip, pencil or pen, print copy of handouts.
Family Math
Do Math

Global Literacy

Going Global
Mardi North, Nebraska Department of Education and Sarah Sutton, former 21st CCLC Project Director
Global competency refers to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to live and work effectively in the new global environment. This webinar introduces strategies and resources that can be used for incorporating global learning into your afterschool program.
Literature Resources for After School Writers Circles


Webinar: Leading an Afterschool Writing Club
Deb Coyle, Lincoln Public Schools and Nebraska Writing Project
Originally aired Monday, December 2, 2013
After school and summer are the perfect times to support writers and at the same time, engage families in your afterschool program. Join Deb Coyle, Nebraska Writing Project I Love to Write workshop leader and writing club expert, to learn the basics of starting an Afterschool Writing Club for your students and family members including philosophy, framework, and resources.


Positive Youth Development (Part 1 30 minutes)
Michelle Krehbiel, UNL Extension 4-H Youth Development,
This webinar defines and give a basic overview of positive youth development (PYD). PYD theories such as the Developmental Assets and the 4-H Essential Elements are discussed and practical applications of PYD are presented to assist staff in implementing PYD in afterschool programming.

Youth as Resources (Part 2 30 minutes)
Michelle Krehbiel, UNL Extension 4-H Youth Development
Youth can be an under used resource in afterschool programs. This webinar discusses the importance and benefits of youth/adult partnerships and provides examples of how to implement youth/adult partnerships in afterschool programming.

STEM (Science, Technology, engineering, Mathematics)

Earth and Space Science (Cosmic Connections to the Universe)
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
NASA’s Earth Observations provide a multitude of space-based images of Earth that can be used to teach about Earth systems, landforms, and many other Earth processes. In addition, space-based observatories explore our solar system and the universe. Come explore the exciting world of Earth and Space Science using NASA images during this webinar.
Materials needed:
Please print a set of the images in this file:
Please note: You may only print the images if you wish and not the image descriptions.

Earth and Space Science (Cosmic Connections to the Universe)
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
Learn about NASA’s missions throughout the solar system from earth to the stars.

Engaging your Students in Engineering
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
Learn about the engineering design process and simple activities to use with students.

Exploring STEM in Afterschool with Y4Y
Originally aired Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Explore exciting ways to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in afterschool. Hands-on, inquiry-based STEM activities can spark students’ energy, enthusiasm, and imagination, and are an important priority for the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program. Learn more about how the Y4Y portal can be used as an important resource to enhance STEM projects and activities in your program, and hear from experts who are providing innovative STEM opportunities to 21st CCLC grantees.

Kites and Rotor Motors
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
Kites and Rotor Motors: Simple toys can be used to learn some basics of flight and add a little engineering to the activities. Join this webinar to learn more about these fun activities and how they connect to NASA’s aeronautics research.
Materials needed: Please download the template at (need Adobe Reader) plus have scissors and tape (clear or masking) available.

NASA Robotics
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
From Robonaut to Curiosity, NASA robots help us explore space. This webinar will discuss some of NASA’s robotics projects plus electronic and non-electronic activities to use with student programs.
Materials needed: Please have a dozen straws and 15-20 straight pins available.

Nebraska BLAST!
Presentation to the Nebraska State Board of Education on February 5, 2013
Kim Larson, NDE, 21st CCLC Coordinator of Professional Development
Dr. Brad Barker, Associate Professor UNL 4-H Extension
Michael Sibbernsen, Science and Technology Coordinator, Strategic Air and Space Museum
Lorna Eliason, 21st CCLC Project Director-Chadron Public Schools
Deedra Grant, 3rd Grade Teacher, Chadron Public Schools
Dr. Caroline Winchester, Superintendent, Chadron Public Schools

Nebraska BLAST! (Building Lasting Afterschool STEM Teams) is an afterschool/summer STEM initiative currently in its second year of a four year implementation. Nebraska BLAST! is funded by NASA and provides professional development for teachers and afterschool staff— and support for implementing NASA/STEM content with middle school students who attend 21st CCLC programs across Nebraska.
On February 5, 2013, members of the 21st CCLC Nebraska BLAST! team presented information about the project to the Nebraska State Board of Education at their regular monthly meeting. The presentation highlighted partnerships between NE Department of Education 21st CCLC program, the Strategic Air and Space Museum, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Chadron Public Schools.

Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
Learn how Newton’s Laws impact rocketry from the classroom to the moon and beyond.

Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
Rockets have a history longer than the past 50 years and Newton’s Laws of Motion are the basics of rocket science. Learn about rockets and the history of rockets during this webinar. In addition to rocketry, we will also discuss using rocketry in the various themes for Nebraska BLAST.
Materials Needed:
1 plastic straw, 1 sheet of paper, transparent tape

Shadows of the Sun
Mike McGlone, NASA Curriculum Specialist
2012 brings a unique opportunity to observe the transit of Venus. In this webinar we will discuss transits, eclipses, and the seasons and activities to help our students explore these phenomena.
Materials needed: a styrofoam or paper plate and a toothpick.