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Summer21st CCLC


Building Quality in Summer Programs
This article recommends several action steps to help program operators access resources and achieve quality programming.

How to Make the Most of Summer: What Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Sharp Over the Summer
This document can be printed and provided to parents to share ideas on how to keep kids sharp over the summer.

Leading Summer Learning Programs: Tips to Recruit and Select Seasonal Staff
The National Center for Summer Learning interviewed outstanding summer programs to find out what they do to select quality staff for summer programs and this brochure provides information on online recruiting tools, interviewing, and determining wages.

Meaningful Linkages Between Summer Programs, Schools, and Community Partners: Conditions and Strategies for Success
This report examines what high quality summer learning programs with strong and meaningful school and community linkages looks like and it’s outcomes.

Spark! Highlighting Best Practices in Summer Learning
Building Community Systems for Summer Learning: Snapshots of State and Local Efforts
National Summer Learning Association (posted 1.31.2017)

Summer Bridge Programs
This policy brief focuses on one type of activity that is designed to help eigth-grade students make a successful transition to high school- summer bridge programs.

What Works for Summer Learning Programs for Low-Income Children and Youth: Preliminary Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Social Interventions
This review suggests some insights into promising practices on how to make summer learning programs effective and make positive impacts (refer to page 3 for information on staffing, class size, interventional content and interventional strategies).


Summer Learning Ideas at Home and in Your Community
National Summer Learning Association (posted 2.25.2016)

Tips to Keep Tweens and Teens Learning During the Summer
National Summer Learning Association (posted 2.25.2016)


Beyond the Bell
Beyond the Bell offers a toolkit that may be helpful in planning summer programs.

Kids Gardening
Educator resources including lesson plans

Edutopia: Fun and Free Summer Learning Resources from Edutopia
Visit this Edutopia webpage for information and resources to help you plan your summer program. (posted 1.30.2017)

Moving Summer Learning Forward: A Strategic Roadmap for Funding in Tough Times
National Summer Learning Association and the Mott Foundation (posted 2.25.2016)

National Summer Learning Association
This website gives access to research, publications, and information specific to summer programs.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss
edWeb Webinar
Retaining what is learned during the school year is vitally important during breaks, and this retention contributes to a student’s overall success in school. View this webinar recording to learn hands-on, practical strategies for preventing learning loss and keeping kids sharp all summer long.

Reading Rockets: Get Ready for Summer!
Enriching summertime literacy activities for students and families.

Summer Learning
The Wallace Foundation
Browse the reports and other resources on this webpage for insights into summer learning.
(posted 1.31.2017)

Summer Learning Day information and resources

You for Youth: Summer Planning with Y4Y
Webinar and resources to help with planning a summer program.