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Project-Based Learning, Civic Literacy & Service Learning


Buck Institute for Education
Buck Institute for Education offers several free resources, such as definitions of project-based learning, how to design a project and project-based learning research.

You for Youth: Project-Based Learning
This website, offered by the United States Department of Education, provides professional development resources and information on a variety of topics relevant to afterschool programs. The coaching module focused on project-based learning provides guidance and tools for implementing project-based learning in the afterschool setting.

Civic Literacy & Service Learning


ExtendED Notes: Teaching Students About Martin Luther King
Six resources to teach students about Martin Luther King

Free the Children
This website assists students raise money or assemble health kits to be provided to developing countries.

Global Campaign for Education
This organization plans Global Action week to raise awareness for quality education around the world.

This website offers students opportunities to join online discussions, share stories and get involved with projects.

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