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Work Experience Career Exploration Program (WECEP)

WECEP is a school-supervised Work Experience and Career Exploration Program for underachieving 14- and 15-year olds. The program is aimed specifically at motivating dropout-prone youth to become reoriented toward education and better prepared for the world of work. WECEP is considered to be both preventative and preparatory in nature. It is preventative in that it encourages youth to remain in school through a career-oriented educational program designed especially to meet the participant's needs, interests, and abilities; it is preparatory in that it provides occupational skills through part-time work experience and aids individuals in their career decision making process.

In the early 1960's, national concern was focused on the problems of teenage youth who were disadvantaged, disillusioned, school alienated, and destined to become unemployable school dropouts. In 1968, state school and social reform leaders felt that the concept of school work-experience programs, that had proven so successful in salvaging disoriented dropout-prone 16- to 18-year old youth, could be adapted to meeting the urgent needs of 14- and 15-year olds. The Secretary of Labor amended Child Labor Regulation 3 to provide the operation of an experimental school-supervised and school-administered Work Experience and Career Exploration Program. The findings from three-year experimental programs revealed that students reduced absences, improved attitudes toward school, gained motivation and employability skills, and received better grades. There was also improvement in the student's feeling of self-worth and pride in his/her ability to cope safely with the demands of society and the world of work.

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