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Work-Based Learning Instruction Guide

A curriculum guide for workplace competency development and employment search and interview techniques

The Nebraska Work Based Learning (WBL) Instruction Guide has been written at the request of Nebraska WBL coordinators who are experiencing the challenges of developing and implementing effective work based learning experiences - experiences that assess both academic and technical competency attainment. The activities and assessments in the Guide may be used in a classroom that focuses exclusively on WBL competency development or integrated into the curriculum of a wide variety of classroom, e.g., English, social studies, marketing, business, etc. Activities are appropriate for both secondary and postsecondary audiences.

The Guide is intended as a companion document to the Nebraska Work Based Learning Manual, which describes how to structure the work-site component, but does not address the content of the school-site instruction that completes the entire WBL program.

In preparation for creating this document, one primary resource was used to guide the overall design - the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan Instruction Module. We gratefully acknowledge the creators of the Massachusetts plan for allowing us to adapt their learning plan for Nebraska, including their nine competency assessment model.

Download the WEBL Instruction Guide by Section

  • Table of Contents and Introduction (Download PDF)
  • Part I: Workplace Competency Learning Activities List-Competency (Download PDF)
  • Part II: The Employment Process (Download PDF)
  • Part III: Secondary Cooperative Education (Download PDF)
  • Part IV: Occupationally Specific Skills Development (Download PDF)

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