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About Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning is a dynamic education program that provides students a meaningful experience in the workplace while still in high school. Work-based learning activities can take many different forms. They range from career awareness and exploration to work site learning experiences that involve active student participation in the work place. These activities combine to create lifelong process of career development stretching from preschool to adulthood.

Work-based learning bridges between the classroom and the community to create experiences that maximize student interest, motivation, creativity, and effort. It can provide the opportunity for students to use and apply their academic and career education knowledge and skills in the real world. The question of "Why do I need to know this?" can be answered through an effective work-based learning program.

The mission of Nebraska work-based learning is to create a statewide system of education and employment experiences that will enable young people to attain the knowledge and skills needed in the work place of tomorrow and transition smoothly from their education to their career.

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