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Welcome to HeadsUp! Reading in Nebraska

HeadsUp! Reading is an innovative 30-hour early literacy course designed to help improve children's school readiness. Designed to enhance teaching practices and to improve literacy outcomes for young children, this comprehensive course is for everyone who works with young children birth through age five and wants to improve their school readiness.

If you are taking HeadsUp! Reading for college credit, you must attend at a facilitated site.

About HeadsUp! Reading

HeadsUp! Reading is based on research from the National Research Council about how young children learn to read and write.

Reading is the fundamental building block for learning throughout life. Nebraska's Early Learning Guidelines emphasize the importance of reading as the key to early school success. 

In Nebraska, HeadsUp! Reading is sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education, the Nebraska Head Start-State Collaboration Office, and the Early Childhood Training Center with the support of the Nebraska Head Start Association and the colleges and universities offering credit.

HeadsUp! Reading, an interactive re-broadcast or taped series on early literacy development. It will be rebroadcast during the fall and spring seasons at select sites throughout the state. This training can be used to meet the requirement of Rule 11, earn college credit or CEU's. Contact Mary Beth Pistillo for further information at 402-557-6893.