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Program Implementation

If you are interested in implementing the strategies of the Pyramid Model in your program, there are some things to consider. This is a program wide commitment. It involves change, and change takes time. To implement your program to fidelity will take 3-5 years. It is important that staff are involved from the beginning so that everyone can work together to fully implement the strategies.

There are several basic components involved in the Pyramid Model implementation:

Establish a leadership team

This team includes an administrator, a parent, a member of the teaching staff, specialists, a mental health consultant, and others your program identifies as key to implementing the process from the beginning to fidelity. This group develops an implementation plan.

Self Assessment

Programs need to have certain things in place to start. It is important to do all three sections of the self assessment and complete any action steps necessary. The Pyramid Model strategies will continue to provide quality improvement for your program. The self assessment may be downloaded from this website and completed electronically. A Power Point presentation which introduces the self assessment can be used with your leadership team and staff. The self assessment is most effective when completed as a team.

  1. Identify your self assessment team.
  2. Use the Power Point presentation to introduce the process.
  3. Begin with Self Assessment #1. After completing that, move on to #2 and then #3.
  4. Complete the feedback form and send it to the Early Childhood Training Center as indicated on the form.

You are now ready to start your training and implementation of the Pyramid Model model through the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) modules. Contact the Early Childhood Training Center for this step of the process.

A link to the self assessment can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Staff buy-in

When you begin to train and implement the strategies, you will want to start by designating a classroom that you think will be successful. You will want all staff to attend the training and be supportive and excited about the process. The initial classroom will serve as a model as you go program-wide.

Family Involvement

Determine ways to communicate and train the families in your program. Success will depend on sharing terminology and information. Parent modules are available for this purpose.

Demonstration Site Visit

If possible, plan to visit one of the demonstration sites in Nebraska. Contact the Early Childhood Training Center for more information.


You will need to commit to training for all staff involved with the children at your site. You will also need to consider retraining when there is staff turnover.

Coach and Trainer

You will want to identify a coach and a trainer within your program to work with staff. Contact Jan Thelen at for further information.


Program Implementation: Foundational Readings (PDF)
Self-Assessment Introduction (Power Point)
Introduction Activity on the Environment (PDF)
Self Assessment (PDF)
Self Assessment Feedback Form (PDF)