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Child & Adult Care Food Program

Forms & Resource Center

USDA Food & Nutritions Services (FNS) Instructions

The following are instructions issued by the USDA Food & Nutrition Services.

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Used with permission of USDA Mountain Plains Region.

113-1 Civil Rights Instruction 113-1 and Executive Summary
755-1 Delegation of Responsibility in the CACFP
765-4 Independence of the Review Official in the CACFP
765-5 Free and Reduced Price Eligibility Determinations for Foster and Institutionalized Children 
765-10 CACFP Follow-Up Verification Reviews
765-11 Definition of a Complete Application for Categorically Eligible Children 
770-2 Commodity Distribution Requirements in the CACFP
776-3 Eligibility of Individuals Over 12 Years of Age with Mental or Physical Disabilities in Child Care Facilities Participating in the CACFP
776-4 Temporary Emergency Residential Care in the CACFP
776-8 Eligibility of Proprietary Title XX Centers
776-9 Verification of Eligibility Procedures in the CACFP
781-1 Special Developmental Project Guidance for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
781-5 Disbursement of Advances to Day Care Homes
781-6 Special Developmental Projects
781-7 Cost of Distribution of Bonus Commodities to Family Day Care Homes
782-1 Outside School-Hours Care Centers
783-1 The Grains/Breads Requirement for the Food-Based Menu Planning Alternatives in the Child Nutrition Programs
783-2 Meal Substitutions for Medical or Other Special Dietary Reasons
783-6 Guidelines for the Amounts and Use of Nonfat Dry Milk, Whole Dry Milk, and Canned Evaporated Milk Which are Equivalent to One-Half Pint of Fluid Whole Milk
783-7 Milk Requirement-Child Nutrition Programs
783-8 Distribution of USDA-donated Foods to Schools, Child Care Institutions, and Service Institutions
783-9 Family Style Meal Service in the Child and Adult Care Food Program 
783-11 Juice Products - Child Nutrition Programs
783-13 Variations in Meal Requirements for Religious Reasons: Jewish Schools, Institutions, and Sponsors
783-14 Variations in Meal Requirements for Religious Reasons:   Seventh-Day Adventist Schools, Institutions, and Sponsors
784-3 Reimbursement for Meals Provided by Parents in the CACFP
786-5 Provider Claim Documentation and Reconciliation
786-6 Reimbursement for Recycled Milk and Other Meal Components
786-13 Limitation on Number of Meals/Snacks Per Child Per Day in the CACFP
788-3 Classification of Applicants in the CACFP
788-5 Approval of Administrative Budgets for Multi-State Sponsoring Organizations of Family Care Homes-CACFP
788-6 Availability of Institutions' Records to Administering Agencies
788-7 Staff - Child Ratios for Center in CACFP, Child Care Standards
788-10 Retroactivity of Agreements for the CACFP 
788-16 Administrative Procedures for Multi-State Sponsoring Organization, CACFP  
788-17 Documentation of Licensing/Approval
791-1 Prohibition Against Denying Meals and Milk to Children as a Disciplinary Action 
792-2 Contracting out Management Functions in the CACFP
794-5 Agreements With Entities Which Operate Interstate Schools and Facilities
796-2 Financial Management-CACFP