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Child & Adult Care Food Program

CACFP News and Announcements

NEW! Find the updated list of milk subsitutes approved for CACFP here.

Available now: View the NEW CNP Program training Webinar (recorded on June 9)

The Small Purchase Procurement Log is available here. CACFP participants need to complete this for a "basket" of staple grocery items they typically purchase. Please contact NDE Nutrition Services with questions about this requirement.

NEW! Crediting Handbook for CACFP is available. Find it here. We will begin using this handbook on July 1, 2014.
posted: 21 Apr 2014

Congratulations to Nebraska's first Healthier CACFP Award Winner, Southeast Community College Child Development Center. Read more...
posted: 28 Jan 2014

Team Nutrition Quarterly Newsletter now available!
View the Spring 2014 newsletter and archived issues here.
posted: 21 May 2014

Recipes for Healthy Kids cookbooks now available!
Place an order or download yours today. Made available by Team Nutrition.
posted: 28 Jan 2014

Healthier CACFP Awards Available
Download information on how your center can apply for the Healthier CACFP Award.

Download the Healthier CACFP Awards Application
posted: 29 Mar 2012

Milk Requirements - USDA memo revised
USDA has revised CACFP Memo 21-2011 regarding the nutritional requirements for fluid milk and fluid milk substitutes.
posted: 15 Sep 2011

Current Fiscal Year Reimbursement Rates
The reimbursement rates for the Child and Adult Care Food Program were published in today's Federal Register. Click here for rates.
posted: 20 Jul 2013

USDA replaces MyPryamid with MyPlate
USDA has announced that it has replaced MyPyramid with MyPlate.
posted: 2 June 2011

USDA Issues Policy Memo 23-2011 clarifying the use of Offer Vs Serve and Family Style Meal Service
posted: 17 May 2011

USDA Issues Policy Memo 20-2011 regarding Availability of Water in CACFP
posted: 11 May 2011

Food Contract for CACFP available in Adobe PDF fillable form
Click here for the updated version (April 2011).
posted: 2 May 2011

Are your records available on site?
CACFP regulations require that your records be available for inspection on-site during your normal business hours. This means if you are visited by NDE Nutrition Services or USDA representatives and your records are not available on-site, an overclaim will be assessed for all months with missing records.
posted: 8 Oct 2013

Child Care enrollment forms
Child care centers - are you remembering to have your enrollment forms updated annually? Every 12 months, you need to have parents review the information regarding usual days in care and usual times in care; make changes, if necessary; initial and date the form. Remember, the updating applies ONLY to enrollment forms. You must get NEW Income Eligibility forms (IEFs) every year.
posted: 8 Oct 2013