June 17, 2008


The State Board of Education is inviting the public to participate in the search for a new commissioner of education by commenting on education issues and the essential characteristics needed in a new state education leader.

The public may comment at: nasbe.org/index.php/component/chronocontact/?chronoformname=NebraskaChiefSearch

“This is an important leadership position in Nebraska. Public comment is vital to the selection process,” State Board President Fred Meyer said.

The website will remain open through August 1. Participants will be asked to respond to three questions related to the essential characteristics for a commissioner, critical education issues and to provide advice to the State Board of Education on the search.  School superintendents, principals as well as local school board members have also been asked to participate.

The State Board of Education has contracted with the National Association of State Boards of Education to conduct the search and will meet June 23 to begin the process of soliciting applications nationwide.