April 16, 2008


The Nebraska Family, Career and Community Leaders of America recently named the winners of its state and national events.

About 1,300 students from 121 state chapters attended the FCCLA state conference held earlier this month in Lincoln. Family and consumer science students lead FCCLA, an organization focused on the family. The 2008 conference theme was “Swing to Success in FCCLA.”

The following winners of Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) competitive state and national events were named at the conference. Students who won national events will compete at the national level this summer in Orlando, Florida.

State Events:
Consumer Issues, Junior Level
Chambers High School, Shalee Lemmon and Erin McCabe
Family Challenges & Issues, Junior Level
West Boyd High School, Bekah Binder and Miranda Haun
Family Challenges & Issues, Senior Level
Elmwood Murdock High School, Alli Bloch and Brooke Spiering
Health & Wellness, Junior Level
Elm Creek High School, Kiley Geis
Health & Wellness, Senior Level
Kearney High School, Jessica Wooden and Jade Zimmerman
Parliamentary Pro Test
Wallace High School, Ryan Sowle

National Events:
Applied Technology, Junior Level
Neligh-Oakdale High School, Rebekah Kuhfal
Applied Technology, Senior Level
Neligh-Oakdale High School, Christy Kuhfal and Kevin Rodgers
Career Investigation, Junior Level
Laurel-Concord High School, Mary Bartels
Career Investigation, Senior Level
Neligh-Oakdale High School, Kelsey Kallhoff
Chapter Service, Junior Level
Overton High School, Rachel Hosick, Aaran Carpenter and Kati Snider
Chapter Service, Senior Level
Cozad High School, Brianda Prado and Taylor Munson
Chapter Showcase, Junior Level
Elm Creek High School, Olivia Hubbard and Sydney Stubbs
Chapter Showcase, Senior Level
Logan View High School, Kendra Bloch and Abby Poulas
Culinary Arts, OCC
Scottsbluff High School, Nate Wilburn, Averi Treviino, Sarah Warner and David Morrison
Entrepreneurship, Senior Level
Sidney High School, Micahla Beyer
Financial Planning, Senior Level
Laurel-Concord High School, Brittney Koch
Focus On Children, Junior Level
Elm Creek High School, Nathan Goodner, Dalton Meier and Luke Ourada
Focus On Children, Senior Level
Howells-Dodge High School, Nikki Dannelly, Courtney Ruskamp and Jessica Kampschneider
Illustrated Talk, Junior Level
Chambers High School, Andrea Lemmer and Samantha Beed
Illustrated Talk, Senior Level
Elm Creek High School, Natasha Coons and Emilee Wissel
Interpersonal Communication, Junior Level
Milford High School, Andi Kontor and Cayle Burroughs
Interpersonal Communication, Senior Level
Logan View High School, Melissa Johnson and Cody Wooldrik
National Programs, Junior Level
Chambers High School, Sarah DeKay and Laura Tomjack
National Programs, Senior Level
Chambers High School, Elise Hubel and Lauren Hubel
Job Interview, Senior Level
Logan View High School, Danielle Mowinkel
Parliamentary Procedure Team
Wallace High School, Ilene Jameson, Casey Lundvall, Savanna Gibson, Josi Hasenauer, Curtis Olson, Bryce Hasenauer, Brooke Harris and Lane Swedberg

Ten state officers were elected to serve as Nebraska Leaders this year:
President: Michael Konicek, Leigh-Clarkson High School
Vice President: Cassie Miller, West Point-Beemer High School
Secretary: Sarah Oltjenbruns, Bloomfield High School
Regional Vice President: Channing Eurek, Loup City High School
Regional Vice President: Jennifer Garber, West Point-Beemer High School
Regional Vice President: Rebekka Hammer, Weeping Water High School
Regional Vice President: Christina Kuhful, Neligh-Oakdale High School
Regional Vice President: Cammie Schwartz, Mullen High School
Regional Vice President: Shelby Wade, Prague High School
Regional Vice President: Ian Wenzel, Syracuse High School

Two members were elected to represent Nebraska as National FCCLA Officer Candidates:
At-Large Candidate: Amanda Miller, Callaway High School
Regional Candidate: Megan Olsen, Stuart High School

Fifteen members were elected to the State PEER Teams. Nebraska has three State PEER Officer Teams leading the national programs of Families First, Financial Fitness and Student Body activities. New officers for these teams are:
Families First
Crofton High School, Amanda Janssen; Arapahoe High School, Kendra Gardner; Kearney High School, Kylie Surmeier; Maxwell High School, Chris Allen; Leigh-Clarkson High School, Casey McCutcheon
Financial Fitness
Leigh-Clarkson High School, Lauren Settje; Kelly Jefferson; Arapahoe High School, Carmen Warner; Chambers High School, Elise Hubel; Crofton High School, Sara Kohles
Student Body
Spalding High School, Christopher Carraher; Elm Creek High School, Noah Hubbard; Medicine Valley High School, Lauren Burke; O’Neill High School, Haley Hull; West Point-Beemer, Katelyn Jones

Nebraska FCCLA increased its membership by 447 this year, with seven chapters increasing their membership by 20 or more members. Those chapters are: Norris High School, Seward High School, Elkhorn High School, Wisner-Pilger High School, West Holt High School, Centura High School and Shelton High School. Wisner-Pilger High School had the largest percentage increase for chapters with at least 25 members. West Holt High School had the largest percentage increase for chapters with more than 26 members.

This year the State Officer team chose “Care, Share, Be Aware” for the state outreach project. Chapters worked to raise money and collect items for children (and their families) with cancer. As a state, 2,608 items and $20,091 were donated to Nebraska families. Items were tallied by region. The regional winners are:
Region 1: Syracuse High School, 175 items, $1,000.
Region 3: Louisville High School, $60.
Region 5: Howells-Dodge High School, 358 items.
Region 6: High Plains High School, 19 items.
Region 7: Laurel-Concord High School, 372 items.
Region 8: Pierce High School, $550.
Region 9: Stuart High School, 1,180 items.
Region 10: Sutton High School, $9,973.
Region 11: Elm Creek High School, 29 items.
Region 12: Franklin High School, 12 items.
Region 14: Maxwell High School, $1,754.
Region 15: Sidney High School, 250 items.

The National Outreach Project is FEED THE CHILDREN. The Maxwell High School chapter has raised the $7,200 needed to bring a truckload of food and supplies for children to Nebraska, and other chapters are contributing as well.

The Nebraska FCCLA Chapter Award requires chapters to create a program of work that includes completing state and national programs, community service and attending state and national meetings.
Chapter Awards:
Silver Medals
Maxwell High School and Wallace High School.
Gold Medal
Cozad High School, David City High School, Fairbury High School, Franklin High School, Howells-Dodge High School, Laurel-Concord High School, Medicine Valley High School, Neligh-Oakdale High School, Pierce High School, Seward High School, St. Edward High School, Stuart High School, West Boyd High School and West Point-Beemer High School.

Other highlights:
Individual awards included the Master Adviser Award. Nancy Rexroth of Sidney was named Master Adviser Award winner and will receive the actual award at the national meeting this summer.

Honorary Member awards for outstanding service to their organization were given to: Peggy Anderson, Crofton High School FCCLA adviser; Ellen Feeney, Maxwell High School parent and bus driver; Rosalea Gift, Thedford High School FCCLA adviser; Cheryl Timm, Pierce High School FCCLA adviser.

Mike Milliken of ASAP Printing of Lincoln was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his work with the state FCCLA organization for a number of years and for helping with TEEN TALK, a student newspaper.