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Dean Folkers
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April 17, 2014

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April 17, 2014

Waiver to Extend Availability of FY 2010 School Improvement Grant (SIG) Funds
Contact:  Diane Stuehmer (402-471-1740 or

Nebraska will be requesting approval of an amendment to its Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 School Improvement Grant application to extend the waiver previously granted under Section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), 20 U.S.C. §1225(b), to extend the period of availability of the FY 2010 SIG funds awarded under Section 1003(g) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, as amended, until September 30, 2015.  This request to extend the waiver, submitted pursuant to Section 9401(d)(2) of the ESEA, would permit Nebraska to identify and allow local educational agencies (LEAs) with Cohort 2 SIG schools additional time to expend remaining FY 2010 funds in those schools.

Complete waiver notice information can be found on the NDE Federal programs webpage beneath the header “Waiver Request Notices” in the right hand column (

Comments are encouraged (but not required) and should be submitted via email to by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 25, 2014

2012-2013 Special Education Performance Report – Window Open April 11 – Closes April 25
Contact:  Special Education Regional Representatives -

Performance Report is available for all public districts
Purpose: Section 618 of IDEA requires all states to report annually to the public on the performance of each school district on the targets in the State’s Performance Report (SPP).  The district Performance Report is released each year, on or before June 1, on the State of the Schools Report (SOSR).  This process begins with the release of the district performance data compared with the state targets on the secured ILCD site found on the portal under the Data Collections tab.  The state target is listed, along with the district’s performance against each target and whether or not the target was met.  Opening on an Indicator Topic ex. “Graduation Rate” will display a text box that provides the data source, data year, data due and public reporting and district determination requirements for the selected Indicator.

During this window preview, districts are requested to review/examine their district data on the secured ILCD site.   Please contact your NDE regional representative with any concerns/questions with the data reported.  This window provides an opportunity for a district to review their data and see how it compares with the state target.  It also provides a window for correction if an NDE reporting error is discovered.  The window does not provide an opportunity for the district to change data in error that was previously incorrectly submitted.  

Community Eligibility Provision a New Opportunity for Schools
Contact:  Bev Benes (402-471-3566 or

The Community Eligibility Provision or CEP is a new opportunity for schools with high percentages of low-income children to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, while eliminating the traditional, often complicated, school meal application processes.  This provision was included in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.   

CEP completely eliminates paper applications.  Instead, schools are reimbursed through a formula based on the number of "identified students."  These are students who are certified without application for free school meals because they are in foster care or Head Start, are homeless, migrant or living in households that receive SNAP/Food Stamps, TANF cash assistance, Food Distribution on Indian Reservation benefits or Medicaid.

CEP provides a number of benefits to children, families and schools including:
·         Increased breakfast and lunch program participation with the offering of universally free meals
·         Easier implementation of alternative meal models such as Grab 'n Go
·         Reduced administrative work through the elimination of participation records and free/reduced price meal
·         Improved financial viability of meal programs due to increased participation and improved reimbursement

CEP will be available as an option in Nebraska starting with the 2014-2015 school year. To find out more about CEP, checkout Nutrition Services' CEP webpage

The following collections in the Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) are currently open.
Contact: NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or

State of the Schools Report
District Information and Improvement Goals
Graduation Requirements
School Information and Improvement Goals
Collection completed by Public - Due June 16
For more information, contact John Moon – (402) 471-1685

Substitute Teachers
For the reporting of substitute teachers.
Collection completed by Public, Nonpublic, ESU, State Operated and Interim Programs - Due June 16.
This data collection will permit you to upload/enter data regarding substitute teachers that have already been employed during the 2013-14 school year and receive feedback on any data errors or potential violations by your school if the individual does not currently hold a valid Nebraska certificate. By uploading/entering data now, your school will have sufficient time to correct any errors or potential violations to ensure that any substitute teachers hold a valid Nebraska certificate before the data collection closes.
For more information contact:  NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or

The following collections in the Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) will open May 1
Contact: NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or                            

Report of Suspensions/Expulsions
Suspension/Expulsions (Including Firearm Expulsions).  
Collection completed by Public, Nonpublic, State Operated Due June 16.
For more information, contact Jill Aurand – (402) 471-3321

Days In Session/Instructional Program Hours  
Days in session by grade.
Instructional program Hours –KG, Elem & Sec.  Also included in this collection are Pre-K instructional hours for public district/system operated early childhood education programs by attendance site. 
Collection completed by Public, Nonpublic, State OperatedDue June 16.
For more information on Days In Session, contact Bryce Wilson (402) 471-3570.
For information on Pre-Kindergarten, Tammi Hicken – (402) 471-3184.
For information on Instructional Program Hours, Freida Lange – (402) 471-2444

ESU/District/System/School Information Report
Collects demographic data for ESUs, Districts, Systems and Schools for the next school year. 
Collection completed by Public, Nonpublic, State Operated, ESU and Interim Due June 16.
For more information, contact Ginny Carter – (402) 471-2369.

Nonpublic High School Completer Report
The Nonpublic Completer Report is for each nonpublic system that has the potential of serving students in
grade 12. 
Collection completed by NonpublicDue June 16.
For more information, contact Jill Aurand –  (402) 471-3321

Annual Participation Repport
Title I Part A School-wide Projects and/or Targeted Assistance Schools; Title I Part A Funded Staff; Neglected/Delinquent; Homeless – Unaccompanied. 
Collection completed by PublicDue June 16.
For more information, contact Diane Stuehmer –
(402) 471-1740 or Beth Zillig – beth.zillig@nebraska gov (402) 471-2452

Pupil Transportation Report
Transportation/Bus Information. 
Collection completed by Public, Nonpublic, State Operated, ESUDue June 16.
For more information, contact Janice Eret – (402) 471-2248

Postsecondary Terms
Collects postsecondary term-specific information applicable to the 2014 academic school year.   This data supports the Nebraska P16 Initiative and Nebraska P-20 SLDS.  
Collection completed by Postsecondary SchoolsDue June 16.
For more information, contact Jill Aurand – (402) 471-3321

Consultation with Nonpublic Schools for 2014-15 School Year
Contact:  Diane Stuehmer (402-471-1740 or or Edy Clark (402-471-2481 or

Nonpublic consultation information was sent to Public School Superintendents and Title I listserv on March 10, 2014.  Forms are due to NDE Federal Programs Office on or before May 1, 2014.  The nonpublic consultation lists and forms NDE 34-014 & NDE 04-012 are available at, or  beneath the header “Nonpublic Consultation Information.”

The Uniform Provisions Section 9501 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), requires that every district receiving grants for federal program(s) provide equitable services and meet the needs of eligible Nonpublic School students and/or teachers and other education personnel.  Every public school district in Nebraska having one or more nonpublic school(s) located within the district’s geographic boundaries must submit a signed Nonpublic School Participation Form (NDE 34-014) on an annual basis for each nonpublic school located within its boundaries. 

Districts with Title I programs must contact all nonpublic schools where any low-income children from their district attend to determine if the low-income nonpublic students reside in an eligible attendance area.  Districts must conduct a consultation and complete a copy of Form NDE 04-012 for each nonpublic school reporting low-income students.  The consultation shouldinclude use of remaining school year 2013-14 Title I funds as well as the 2014-15 allocations.   The Free and Reduced Lunch data was submitted by nonpublic schools in the fall of 2013 on the “Nonpublic Membership Report,” which is in the NDE Consolidated Data Collection (CDC).  

If you have questions, please contact Edy Clark at or 402-471-2481.  You may also contact the NDE staff person responsible for reviewing the ESEA/NCLB application for your district.
NeSA-RMS Key Dates
Contact: Valorie Foy (402-471-2495 or

Key dates for NeSA-RMS are presented in the following table

INSIGHT/eDirect Test Setup for NeSA-RMS available to districts

March 3

NeSA RMS and NeSA AA Paper/Pencil materials delivered to districts

March 3

Districts Train School Personnel and Distribute Materials

One week prior to test window

Distribute Materials to Test Administrators

Same Day as Testing

NeSA-Reading, Math, and Science Testing Window

March 24-May 9

Last Day for UPS to Pick Up Test Materials From Districts

May 14

NeSA WebEX on Reporting

July 14-16*

Provide District Access to NeSA RMS reports and Data File on eDirect

July 16*

Deliver printed NeSA and NeSA-AA ISRs

August 4*

          *Dates in table were updated April 3, 2014

Additional information on NeSA testing is available at the Statewide Assessment Website:

New and Improved NDE “MASTER CALENDAR” Now Available
Contact: NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or

The NDE Master Calendar has undergone a makeover and is now available online with the latest information.  The Calendar can be found on the main Department of Education website at   The calendar improvements were designed to make the calendar more user friendly based upon roles, positions, or interests. The filtering and identification of dates, deadlines, and events has been enhanced to be more purposeful in the display.  If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the NDE Helpdesk.


There are three ways to contact the NDE Helpdesk with questions. 
All three ways get to the same place, so please only use one of the following options.  
If you send more than one request this may delay our response as we coordinate all requests.

  1. Submit a “Helpdesk Request” from your portal account.  After logging into the NDE Portal, it is available in the upper right corner of the Collection Announcement page.  This will be the fastest way to get your request to the NDE Helpdesk.  


  1. Email:


  1. Call Toll Free:  888-285+0556

Please leave your full name, organization, call back number and a brief description of your question.

ALSO:  If you have contacted your area’s NDE Trainer or Program Staff person, please do not also contact the Helpdesk.  Multiple contacts will delay the response.  

NDE Bulletin now available in RSS Feed
Contact:  NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or

We have added an RSS feed that users can subscribe to.  Don’t forget that the current and past NDE Bulletins can always be found at The RSS feature can be found at the above webpage in the upper right hand corner (orange icon).  RSS feeds can be used with Outlook and a number of web-based feed readers.  At this time we will also continue to send the bulletin out via e-mail. 

Ginny Carter, NDE Helpdesk Manager
Nebraska Department of Education - Data, Research and Evaluation
301 Centennial Mall South - Lincoln, NE  68509   402-471-2369
Helpdesk:   Toll Free 888-285-0556