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Establishing a clear vision for Nebraska Career Education

The reVISION process provides Nebraska schools with the opportunity to analyze and transform their current career education systems in order to improve their ability to educate a qualified workforce that meets industry needs within an ever-changing economy. Working in collaboration with postsecondary education and regional workforce/economic development leaders, the reVISION process links career educators, school administrators, guidance counselors, and industry professionals. Under the leadership of the Educational Service Unit and the Nebraska Department of Education, the reVISION process is a strategic approach for schools to analyze their current career education system and make plans, as needed, for adjustments.

Outcomes of reVISION

  • Evaluate career guidance and exploration

  • Align with local/regional/state workforce and economic development priorities

  • Analyze and update current CTE programs of study and curricular offerings

    reVISION Orientation Video


What is reVISION? (one-page info flyer)

Filling out the Application-reVISION

Filling out the Application-reVISION ACTION

reVISION Action Plan Worksheet

About reVISION

reVISION Part 1 (fillable pdf form)

reVISION Part 2.9 Community Engagement Workpage (pdf)

reVISION Part 3 Community Engagement PowerPoint Template (PowerPoint)

reVISION Part 3 Community Engagement Invitation Letter (Word)

reVISION Part 3 Community Engagement Flyer (pdf)

reVISION Part 3 Workbook (pdf)



Developing a Local Advisory Committee

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National Career Clusters: Learning That Works for America

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Nebraska Career Education

Nebraska Career Education Career Student Organizations (CSOs)

Nebraska Career Education Data + Research + Analytics

Nebraska Career Education Model

Nebraska Career Education Perkins Report Cards

Nebraska Career Education Programs of Study

Nebraska Community College System

Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Nebraska Department of Economic Development Data & Research

Nebraska Department of Education

Nebraska Department of Education Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (formerly called Appendix D)

Nebraska Department of Labor

Nebraska Educational Service Unit (ESU) Coordinating Council

Nebraska Standards for Career Ready Practice

Partnerships for Innovation

Work-Based Learning Opportunities