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Both original and secondary research pertaining to CTE in Nebraska is housed in this portion of the DRAW. Complimenting each study you will find explanatory information about the research presented, as well as a discussion of the implications of this research for Nebraska Career Education.

Nebraska School Counseling State Evaluation

This evaluation study found evidence that school counseling programs in Nebraska high schools contribute significantly to students' educational outcomes. Specific characteristics of school counseling programs and particular school counselor activities that impact student educational outcomes were identified. Furthermore, this evaluation found that favorable student-to-counselor ratios also impact student educational outcomes.

Special Populations in Nebraska Public Secondary Schools and Community Colleges

This report summarizes key findings from the analyses of data on the status of Special Populations in Nebraska and surveys of public high school and community college students. Many of the findings are presented by race/ethnicity because very few data are avaliable by economic status. Other Special Population categories included are students in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, GED programs, and community college support programs for students with educational disadvantages. Gender differences have been examined in terms of career field interests and education program enrollments, especially as they relate to occupations that are non-traditional for that gender.

Perceptions of Career and Technical Education in Nebraska

This collection of studies examining the perceptions of Career and Techincal Education in Nebraska utilize statewide survey information gathered from both Nebraska educators and the general public. The aim of these analyses is to provide a snapshot of career education in Nebraska beyond the traditional lens of education assessment – student performance. Alternatively, this approach provides for an estimate of the values and expectations of the Nebraska taxpayer regarding the direction and priorities of Nebraska Career Education.