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Deadlines and Events 2014

April 15 Intent to Participate in Perkins Funds deadline
June 30 NSSRS Data Submission for the Programs Fact:Career Education and Post School Survey due
May 30 Amendment submissions to the 2013-14 Perkins Grant Due
July 15 Local Application for 2014-15 Perkins Basic Grant due to NDE
July 1 Grant Award Notification (GAN) for ¼ of annual allocation will be available online after the local application from the local education agency (LEA) has been received at NDE and approved for funding by NCE administrative staff.
October 1 Amended Grant Award Notification for the full annual allocation becomes available online to LEA if a final report, performance measures data, and final claims have been received and approved by NDE. Please check the GMS to obtain the latest Grant Award Notification.
October 15 2013-14 Perkins Final Narrative Report and Final Claim due to NDE