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Secondary Accountability

Carl D. Perkins Secondary Accountability Performance Indicator Framework

This graphic represents the relationship between the Perkins Secondary Performance Indicators and the CTE Participants and CTE Concentrators.

Secondary Framework CTE Participants 6S1 Nontraditional Participation CTE Concentrators 1S1 Attainment of Academic Skills Reading/Language Arts 1S2 Attainment of Academic Skills Mathematics 2S1 Technical Skill Attainment 3S1 School Completion 4S1 Student Graduation Rates 5S1 Placement 6S2 Nontraditional Completion

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) requires a continued federal, state, and local commitment to performance measurement and accountability. Perkins IV builds on past efforts to evaluate and improve career and technical education. The new law gives States, school districts, and postsecondary institutions greater flexibility to design services and activities that meet the needs of their students and communities. In return for that flexibility, Perkins IV establishes a rigorous State performance accountability system "to assess the effectiveness of the State in achieving statewide progress in career and technical education and to optimize the return of investment of Federal funds in Career and Technical education activities" (sec. 113(a)). As such, this document was designed to function as an instructional guide for understanding and submitting the required information to calculate Performance Indicators for Nebraska's Secondary Schools that received funding from the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006.

The framework is intended to define state performance measurement approaches for each indicator to ensure sufficient rigor and comparability among state performance accountability systems. Further, the framework is intended to define performance and data collection approaches that can be easily integrated into state and local performance management systems to support continuous program improvement.

Secondary Perkins Data Manual: An Instructional Guide for Accountability