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School District Budgeting

Additional Assistance


The School District Budget Form, Schedules A, B, and C, Notice of Budget Hearing and Budget Summary, and Budget Instruction is available to download from the Auditor of Public Accounts’ website.

The Budget Form LC-2 (which includes the Special Grant Fund List) is available on the NDE Portal and the LC-2 Preparation Guidelines is available from the Department of Education/Budgeting website.  For additional information, refer to the "2014/15 Budget Timeline." (PDF file)

All other related documents, forms, and instructions related to the budgeting process will be available at each of the websites listed above.


Team members are available to answer budget questions and provide assistance by telephone, email, appointment in Lincoln, or through small group meetings.  To schedule appointments or small group meetings, please contact any of the Team members listed below:

Janice Eret 402/471-2248
Bill Biven 402/471-0526
Jen Utemark 402/471-3323
Bryce Wilson 402/471-4320
Program Contacts
  • Janice Eret: (402) 471-2248 or
  • Bill Biven: (402) 471-0526 or

Updated on 09/15/2014