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15-Passenger Vans


NDE Pupil Transportation Rule 91 and Rule 92 (effective March 9, 2008) state beginning June 7, 2011, vans originally manufactured as 15-passenger vans and modified so the seating was 10 passengers or less (not including the driver) cannot be used to transport students.  This ban does not include 12-passenger vans which have been modified by the dealer or manufacturer.

A frequent question that comes up when the seating of a van is modified by the dealer or manufacturer is whether the van’s classification must be recertified.  Federal Regulation 49 CFR 567.7 requires the recertification of new vehicles.  Therefore, if a new 12-passenger van has been purchased by a school, the classification must be recertified from a “Bus” to a “Multi Purpose vehicle” by the dealer or manufacturer before it can be used to transport students.


Also be aware that some vehicles are being marketed with a seating capacity of 10, but are actually vehicles that were originally designed as 15-passenger vans.  These vans would not qualify as a pupil transportation vehicle.  


This requirement can be found in NDE Pupil Transportation Rule 91 (002.11A) and NDE Pupil Transportation Rule 92 (002.06A) (pdf files).

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