Program Models for Introducing World Languages
in Nebraska Elementary Schools


The Essential Education document recommends introductory experiences in world languages. All elementary students should have access to some type of world language program. There are many types of models schools can use depending on the needs and goals of the school and community. The models range from intensive immersion programs to using international themes connected to or integrated with other content such as reading, social studies, art, and music. The use of school, community, state and international resources is encouraged.

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Current Models

Current School Staff

World Language and Culture Activities - Students are introduced to one or more world languages and cultures through a variety of scenarios. These scenarios could last a week, a month or could be the focus for the year.

For example:

  • World language and culture activities are integrated throughout the curriculum
    • Focus on themes already used by elementary teachers and incorporate languages and cultures from countries that connect to current theme
    • Develop international themes connected to or integrated with other content areas
    • Sponsor a World Language Festival
    • Heritage Month Celebration
    • Celebrate International or World Education Month
    • Supplement activities with video-based world language instruction
  • Secondary and elementary teachers collaborate to have high school students plan and provide a world language and culture lesson or unit for elementary students

Variety of models across Nebraska

Full-Time Teacher,

Regular Classroom Teacher & Para,

Distance Learning Teacher,

or Current School Staff

World Language Exploration - One or more world languages are introduced which emphasize functional language and cultural awareness. Students study the language once or twice a week with time ranging from 20 to 45 minutes. There may be limited fluency.

OPS Crestridge Elementary School of International/Global Studies


*IN-VISION Model Curriculum

Full Time Teachers

World Language Immersion - Teachers and students use the second language throughout the school day in all content areas. There are variations under the umbrella of immersion programs such as partial immersion or dual immersion. In dual immersion all content is taught in English one day and the world language the next day. Good fluency is expected after four or more years.

Omaha Public Schools

(selected schools)

Sequential World Language - Students study the second language within the parameters of themes and functional topics for about 30 minutes or more per day for four or more years. Good theme-related fluency is expected.

Westside Community Schools

(selected schools)



  • Nebraska Department of World Language Education (
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  • *IN-VISION Project Elementary Model Curriculum (A Technology Challenge Grant developed Spanish curriculum, which can be adapted for other languages. Contact ESU#5 at 402-223-5277 for more information.) Curriculum resources include:
    • Spanish Curriculum and Support Materials
    • Teaching Strategies for Language Integration into Core Curriculum
    • Teaching Language Through Literature
    • Lesson and Practice Activities