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Schools as Partners

Title IV -- Principles of Effectiveness
The principles of Needs Assessment, Measurable Goals, Research-Based Strategies, and Evaluation are designed to assure that SDFSC funds are used in ways that are likely to prevent problems.

Prevention Education in America's Schools: Findings and Recommendations from a Survey of Educators (pdf)

Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents outlines research-based principles for prevention and gives examples of some programs using these principles.

Risk and Protective Factor Models in Adolescent Drug Use: Putting Them to Work for Prevention

Center for Mental Health in Schools
(UCLA School Mental Health Project)
The Center for Mental Health in Schools approaches mental health and psychosocial concerns in ways that integrally connect such efforts with school reform and improvement. We do this by integrating health and related concerns into the broad perspective of addressing barriers to learning and promoting healthy development.

Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Online Workshops
Drug & Violence Prevention Web Courses for Schools

1. School Connectedness and Meaningful Student Participation
2. Linking Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention to Academic Success
3. Identifying Prevention Priorities and Strategies for Success
4. Selecting Research-Based Prevention Programs for Your School
5. Implementing Research-Based Prevention Programs in Schools