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Awards Programs

Classroom Materials

  • Entrepreneurship Education Resources - MarkED
  • Event Promotion Lesson for Prom Closet-Waverly (Word) (PDF)
  • Federal Reserve Entrepreneurship Lesson Plan Materials (Posted: 11-16-06)
  • Internet Resources for Entrepreneurship Educators, September 2007 (PDF)
  • Risks & Rewards - This text-workbook and teacher's resource guide evolved from the need for instructional materials to introduce students to the possibility of small business ownership. They are also useful teaching tools for teachers who wish to introduce entrepreneurship but are unfamiliar with the subject matter.
  • School Based Enterprises Guide (PDF)
  • Teaching Tactics I & II - Classroom activities for teachers

Course Syllabi-Nebraska CIO Approved

  • ENTR1050 - "Intro to Entrepreneurship" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)
  • ENTR2040 - "Entrepreneurship Feasibility Analysis" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)
  • ENTR2050 - "Marketing for the Entrepreneur" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)
  • ENTR2060 - "Entrepreneurship Legal Issues" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)
  • ENTR2070 - "Entrepreneurship Financial Topics" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)
  • ENTR2090 - "Entrepreneurship Business Plan" Syllabus, June 2008 (Word)


  • Entrepreneurship Grant Guidelines (PDF)
  • Entrepreneurship Grant Flyer, February 2006 (PDF)


  • Entrepreneurship Ed Article, January 2005 Advisor-DECA Dimensions (PDF)
  • Nebraska Development News, June 2005 (PDF)
  • Nebraska Development News, March 2008 (PDF)


  • Energizing Our Youth: Stimulating Rural Economies and Stemming Outmigration, January 2010 (PDF)
  • Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities puts a guide map in the hands of rural community development professionals and volunteer community leaders who are helping to transform their communities into hotbeds of entrepreneurship. The insights shared in the book are drawn from the experience of rural communities that are in the process of reassessing their economic development approaches and planning strategically for their future. The 187-page softbound book was written by Deb Markley and Don Macke of the RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and Vicki Luther of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development. It can be purchased for $23, shipping included, through The Heartland Center website or 800-927-1115. For information on energizing entrepreneurs in your community, contact the RUPRI Center at 402-323-7336, or visit the new companion website to the book at
  • Economic Development America, Winter Edition 2006 (PDF)
  • Home Town Competitiveness Summary, April 2004 (PDF)
  • The Innovation-Entrepreneurship NEXUS, April 2005 (PDF)
  • Nature vs. Nuture: Are entrepreneurs born that way or can their behavior be taught? Fall 2005 (PDF)
  • SBA - Small Business Fact Sheet, October 2005 (PDF)
  • SBA - Small Business Profile, 2005 (PDF)
  • School Stores Teach Lifelong Skills, published by EducationWorld
  • U.S. Sole Proprietorships: A Gender Comparison, 1985-2000. September 2005 (PDF)
  • Will You Be Ready for the Finish? An Owner's Guide to Business Succession (PDF)


  • Compendium of Internet Resources for Entrepreneurship Educators (PDF)
  • Entrepreneurship Everywhere: The Case for Entrepreneurship Education (PDF)
  • Entrepreneurship Handbook and Resource Guide, 2005 Edition (PDF)
  • National Dialogue E-Blasts
  • National Standards for Practice for Entrepreneurship Education, 2006 (PDF)
  • National Standards of Practice-Assessment Rubric (PDF)
  • Rural Economic Development Handbook & Resource Guide, 2004 Edition (PDF)


  • Nebraska Entrepreneurship Education Training (NEET) Program