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Welcome to the Academic Standards Website

Nebraska Statute requires the Nebraska State Board of Education to update standards for each subject area every five years according to the following schedule:

  • Language Arts - April 2009
  • Mathematics - October 2010
  • Science and Social Studies - November 2010
  • Social Studies - December 2012

The following represents the most up-to-date standards

Adopted Timeline for Standards Review (.pdf)

Language Arts Standards|Mathematics Standards|Science Standards|Social Studies Standards

Language Arts Standards

Language Arts Standards - Approved in 2009

Mathematics Standards

Mathematics Standards - Approved in 2009

Mathematics Standards Grades K-12 - Approved in 2000

  • Parent Activities (English) (Spanish)

Science Standards

Science Standards - Approved in 2010

  • Grades K-12 Standards (Horizontal Format) (.pdf)
  • Grades K-12 Standards (Vertical Format) (.pdf)

Social Studies Standards

Social Studies/History Standards - Approved in 2012

  • Grades K-12 Standards (Horizontal Format) (.pdf)