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Coop/DO Program Benefits

Students are given opportunities to:

  • Discover their occupational interests and abilities.
  • Learn about employment opportunities and responsibilities.
  • Develop and refine occupational competencies to secure employment and advance in their chosen occupation.
  • Acquire specialized occupational skills which could not be taught within the school environment.
  • Develop skills in working with others.
  • See the relevance of in-school learning.
  • Earn while they learn.

Schools who offer these programs:

  • Provide an enlarged learning facility via use of community resources.
  • Provide an expanded curriculum.
  • Better meet the career goals of students.
  • Develop and maintain a better relationship with business, industry and the community.
  • Become more responsive to the employment needs of their communities.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the local community and surround area.

Employers are given a chance to:

  • Train potential full-time employees in their own facilities.
  • Provide input into in-school instruction.
  • Employ part-time workers who are receptive to instruction, motivated, and interested.
  • Receive training assistance.
  • Provide a valuable public service.
  • Contribute to business/industry/education partnerships.

And the community gains:

  • Young people capable of becoming productive citizens.
  • Employees trained for the local labor market.
  • Better school-community relations.
  • A catalyst for developing a unified community training program.