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Step Up to Quality

About Us

Nebraska Step Up to Quality is an Early Childhood Quality Rating and Improvement System. The Step Up to Quality Child Care Act was passed in June, 2013, by the Nebraska Unicameral legislative session. Nebraska now joins the ranks of over 40 states in the country that are in some phase of implementation of an early childhood quality rating and improvement system.

The primary goal of Nebraska Step Up to Quality is to improve early care and education quality and increase positive outcomes for young children. This will be done through informing parents about quality early care and education programs in understandable and measureable ways. In addition, it will improve teacher and director effectiveness through training and professional development, formal education and coaching. Furthermore, there will be an emphasis on strengthening the understanding and use of standards, assessment processes, and using data to improve quality. Nebraska Step Up to Quality will increase accountability for the public funds that are being used to support early childhood programs.