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RtI Implementation Plans

Self Assessment

If your district elects to utilize data from an RtI system for the verification of students for special education services, please complete and submit the Response to Intervention Implementation Plan Self Assessment template, to the Nebraska Department of Education, Special Education, 301 Centennial Mall South, P.O. Box 94987, Lincoln, NE 68509-4987 (attention: Rose Dymacek,, 402-471-2471) For your convenience, the RtI Implementation Plan may be completed online. Signatures of all RtI leadership team members, including the district administrator, are required at the time of submission.

If you are not utilizing RtI data for special education eligibility, submitting your RtI Implementation Plan to the Nebraska Department of Education is optional.

To assist you in writing your plan, please refer to the Essential Elements for Response-to-Intervention. Your RtI Implementation Plan should demonstrate how you are implementing the eight essential elements. If your team determines the need for further technical assistance, please refer to the Universal Technical Assistance or Topical Training sections of the RtI Professional Development Plan, 2010-2011 (ist site)

In making decisions about the use of RtI data for verification purposes, it is recommended your team refer to the section on Specific Learning Disability from the Verification Guidelines for Children with Disabilities, Technical Assistance Document,

Your district's Special Education Regional Representative and NDE Department Representatives in Curriculum, Assessment, School Improvement, Title I, and Staff Development/Instruction will receive a copy of your district Response to Intervention Implementation Plan Self Assessment for reference during respective school visits/consultations.