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Developing Relationships Between Children and their Peers

American Academy of Pediatrics
The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization dedicated to the health and healthy development of all children. This website is a source for parents and professionals on the development of and specific issues involving young children. There are many resources and links on this website such as helping children navigate their social world.

This website allows you to type in the age of a child and certain book theme. Bookfinder is hosted by PBS Parents and includes a number of children’s books on a variety themes including social-emotional development.

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
This website is dedicated to the importance of social-emotional development and learning for preschool-aged children and up. The program works on the development of children’s emotions as well as their ability to interact with their peers. You can search the site for resources on the development of children’s emotions.

The Incredible Years
This website includes many PDF files with sample scripts as well as resources for parents and teachers to develop relationships between them and their children as well as to facilitate and enhance children’s peer competence and social skills development. Information on this site is appropriate for parent and providers of children between the ages of three and eight.

NIEER Preschool Policy Brief
This is a PDF policy brief from the National Institute for Early Education Research. It discusses the importance of promoting social-emotional development in young children, including the influences of parents, teachers, and peers on their development.

NYU Child Study Center
The New York University Child Study Center (CSC) was founded in 1997. It was established with a mission to improve the treatment of child psychiatric disorders. Here you will find a number of resources, including articles on promoting the development of children’s friendships. Here are links to two of the articles: Friendships for Children with Special Needs and Children’s Friendships.
This resource for parents includes information about developmental milestones and articles about children from prenatal development through teen years. Follow this link to information on the social development of toddlers.

A Place of Our Own
A Place of Our Own includes activities and resources as well as discussion boards for parents and teachers. It also includes workshops that you can do to improve practices with young children. There are consultants available to discuss issues such as building meaningful relationships and other topics with parents and teachers. Some links of interest may be social-emotional activities and encouraging friendships.

Relationship Roots
This relationship-based program out of Colorado offers training and materials such as books, CDs, songs, interactive activity ideas, and relationship building activities for parents and caregivers of young children from birth through the preschool years. Their mission is to help children develop life long relationship skills.

The Free Library
This website is a database for many articles. It is free and contains over 4,000,000 articles, some of which are studies done on peer competence and social emotional development of young children. A few areas of interest include Social Skills Training and Assessing and Fostering Social Competence Resources.

The Fun FRIENDS Program
This is an article about a play-based program that began for children 7-18 years and now includes children ages 4-6. It describes the importance of social emotional development in young children, including literature references and a description of the program.