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Resources: High-Quality Supportive Environments

Early Childhood Today
This website supports the Early Childhood Today magazine, published by Scholastic. It is full of early childhood activities and best practice information.

Early Head Start National Resource Center
This website includes resources for parents and professional development. It is part of the Administration for Children and Families website, a resource tool for family services.

Environment Rating Scales
There are four environment rating scales, each designed for a different segment of the early childhood field. Each one of the scales evaluates physical environment, basic care, curriculum interaction, schedule and program structure, and parent and staff education. The scales are suitable for use in evaluating inclusive and culturally diverse programs, and have proven reliability and validity.

The HighScope Curriculum is research-based, and emphasizes adult-child interaction, a carefully designed learning environment, and a plan-do-review process that strengthens initiative and self-reliance in children and young people.

Illinois Early Learning Project
This site contains easy-to-read, one-page tip sheets on a variety of topics of interest to parents and teachers of young children. Search by topic or learning area, such as parenting and family life, mathematics, and fine arts, or browse by title—in English, Spanish, or Polish. The Tip Sheets can be read online or printed and shared.

Lakeshore Learning Materials
An early childhood supplier, this website also has a classroom designer feature.

Moving and Learning
Ideas and articles about movement and music.

National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAEYC is a national organization for teachers, which offers accreditation to high-quality child care centers. NAEYC publishes the journals Young Children and Teaching Young Children.

National Head Start Association
The National Head Start Association is not-for-profit membership organization. Their purpose is to meet the needs of Head Start children and their families. This research-based program includes many resources for parents and teachers.

Nebraska Child Care Licensing
Find descriptions and requirements of the different types of child care licenses in Nebraska.

Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines 
Nebraska’s Early Learning Guidelines have been created to assist early childhood caregivers/teachers and other adults with information about supporting the learning and development of young children.

The Program for Infant/Toddler Care
This organization provides training for teachers on infant and toddler development and ways to promote healthy emotional development within this age group. The program has a resource of videos and modules on developing the infant/toddler environment.

Teaching Strategies (Creative Curriculum)
Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, scientifically based early childhood curriculum that has been shown to improve cognitive and social/emotional outcomes in young children.

Zero to Three
This national website contains a wealth of information for parents and educators interested in young children’s development.