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Demonstration Sites in Nebraska that Implement the Pyramid Model

Nebraska successfully competed to become a CSEFEL state. The state receives training and technical assistance through the center. Through this partnership, the state selected four demonstration sites for implementing the strategies of the Pyramid Model. The sites will be an important part of our statewide implementation. In addition to being model sites that others can visit, there will be lessons learned, and experiences to share.

Cedars Youth Services, Lincoln

Cedars is implementing Pyramid Model strategies at their downtown site and piloting the Parent Module. The Parent Module can be found at Party invitations were distributed to parents inviting them to participate and incentives are used to encourage attendance.

The classrooms implement the Creative Curriculum and demonstrate early childhood best practices. They are implementing the Pyramid Model strategies throughout the center. Carrie Gottschalk is the coach; she uses turtle puppets to teach the children about the turtle technique.

Merrick County Child Development Center, Central City

This demonstration site is coached by Tanya Rasher-Miller; she is supported through the Nurturing Healthy Behaviors grant held by the Child and Family Development Corporation in Hastings. Together with the center director Anna McHargue, the center is implementing activities with all families that parents can do at home with their children to support their social emotional development. The preschool classroom implementing the Pyramid Model strategies use a name chart where children select a feelings face to put by their name for the day. This face depicts how they are feeling that day.

The site has selected a preschool classroom as the demonstration site room. Tanya is using the Pyramid Model Observation Tool in all the rooms.

Child Saving Institute Child Care, Omaha

Child Saving Institute is a demonstration site and a partnering agency in Kid Squad. Traci Penrod-McCormick is the lead contact for the project. This new center exhibits best practices and a model nature playground. They have identified three classrooms for implementation, infant, toddler, and preschool. Each classroom reflects on their strengths and needs. They have developed a Leadership Team that includes the CEO of the organization. They display dedication to young children's mental health through on site mental health therapists who work with the children, staff, and parents at the center. During this time, the team reviewed training that has taken place as well as future training plans for staff and parents. In addition, they are developing activities such as social emotional back packs and a lending library.

Plattsmouth Early Childhood Programs, Plattsmouth

Located in a school building devoted to early childhood, the blended classrooms include private, Head Start, state, and early intervention funding streams. A preschool classroom is the demonstration site, however they are providing training and implementation program wide. Under the direction of Jane Happe, a program coach, provides coaching for the staff. The staff are trained in 2 ½ hour sessions. They are developing their leadership team. There are examples of implementation throughout the building including social stories, activities that help children learning to name emotions, and "friendship art."