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Results Matter in Nebraska: Contacts

For additional information about Results Matter in Nebraska, please contact one of the following state agency staff:

Jan Thelen, 402-471-4319

NDE Office of Early Childhood

Melody Hobson, 402-471-0263
Eleanor Kirkland, 402-471-3501
Amy Bornemeier, 402-471-0348
Diane Kvasnicka, 402-471-0951
Holly Erickson, 402-471-8204
Linda Meyers, 402-471-2980
Tammi Hicken, 402-471-3184

NDE Office of Early Childhood Training Center

Linda Bray, 402-557-6892
Terry Rohren, 402-557-6894
Meleah Gamvroudis, 402-557-6888
Rita Sanchez, 402-557-6884
Dena Johnson, 402-557-6886
Kim Schamp, 402-557-6881
Jessica La Chere, 402-557-6889
Deb Walls, 402-557-6893
Mary Beth Pistillo, 402-557-8693

NDE Office of Special Education/Part C Co-Leads

Special Education Health and Human Services
Joan Luebbers, 402-471-2463
Amy Bunnell, 402-471-9329
Carol McClain, 402-471-4323
Heather Krieger, 402-471-4623