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Media Center

The Media Center, housed at the Early Childhood Training Center in Omaha, is home to over 7,000 items—books, DVDs, CDs, journals, and newsletters—that address subjects such as early childhood care and education, child development, parents and families, children with special needs, language and literacy, guidance, child abuse and neglect, health and nutrition, safety, activities, and other diverse topics. We also have a small collection of children's books which address issues such as death, divorce, disabilities, and siblings.

Materials can be requested by writing, telephone, fax, e-mail, or in person. When requesting, please include your name, address, phone number with area code and your type of work (home child care, K-3, college professor, occupational therapist, parent, etc.). If you would like to book materials for a specific date, please include that information. If you would like the materials as soon as possible, let us know that, as well.

You can also search the online media catalog. Once you have selected what you would like to borrow, call the media center at 402-557-6885 or 800-89-CHILD to place your order.

If the titles you request are available, they will be sent to you within two business days. If the items are not available, we will put your name on the waiting list and send the items as soon as they become available.

Licensed child care providers can borrow materials toward the acquisition of independent study hours. Each 50 pages read count as one hour of independent study time; DVDs and videos provide a minute-for-minute exchange.

Browse our Media Center collection online.
Download an Independent Study Form for child care providers. (External Link)

Borrowing Policies

If you live within the state of Nebraska and work with young children and their families, or are a parent, you are invited to borrow materials from the Media Center.

The Early Childhood Training Center adheres to the following policies:

  • Patrons may borrow up to three items at a time.
  • All items may be borrowed for a period of three weeks.
  • Materials may be renewed if not requested by another patron.
  • Materials will be sent to you at no cost; however, it is your responsibility to return the materials at your own expense. Because it is the responsibility of the borrower to replace lost or damaged materials, insuring materials returned through US Mail or other shippers is recommended.
  • Notices will be sent for overdue materials. Patrons will be billed for lost or damaged materials. Borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended until materials have been returned or replaced. It is imperative that dates due be respected. Prompt return of materials is appreciated and helps us to fill requests in a timely manner.
  • Materials can be sent to you or can be picked up. Materials can be reserved for you for a specific date.

Annotated Bibliographies

As a service to our borrowers, we have created more than two dozen topical bibliographies of our materials on topics such as brain development, child development, children with special needs, the arts, infants and toddlers, nature education, safe sleep, and nutrition.