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Nebraska's Early Learning Guidelines Workshops

Early Learning Guidelines training workshops have been created to assist early childhood caregivers/teacher and other adults with information about supporting the learning and development of children. Training is available based on the guidelines for each domain. Learn more.

Training is available based on the guidelines for each domain. Different formats available for the training are:

  • 2-hour domain training
  • 6-hour in-depth training
  • Parent workshop

To arrange for training, contact Mary Beth Pistillo by e-mail or call 402-557-6893.

Early Learning Guidelines training covers ages birth to five. There is training available for each domain. Participant outcomes include:

Approaches to Learning

  • Provide concrete examples of the ways children think.
  • Explore play as a vehicle of learning.
  • Strategize activities that are typical of each stage of play.
  • Describe the social aspects of play.

Creative Arts

  • Recognize creative opportunities in their own lives.
  • Define creativity.
  • Recognize the stages of music in the overall development of children.
  • Recognize ways to support dramatic play.

Health and Physical Development

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to promote independent and healthy practices in young
  • children for health and safety, personal care, and nutrition.
  • Recognize the states of movement and posture.
  • Recognize the stages of hand development that are important.

Language and Literacy Development

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that influence literacy.
  • Identify effective techniques for reading with children.
  • Examine the role of the adult in promoting the development of language and literacy skills in children.
  • Identify language and literacy strategies in their own environment.


  • Deduce that the comprehension of math concepts is developing and misconceptions may be present.
  • Illustrate how to integrate math concepts into the existing routine.
  • Identify the widely-held expectations of the Early Learning Guidelines math domain.


  • Identify developmentally appropriate science goals for young children.
  • Recognize the scientific process and its relevance to young children.
  • Identify how to implement the scientific process with young children.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Describe the typical developmental sequence of social skills in young children.
  • Describe strategies that will promote relationships.
  • Describe strategies that will promote a young child's social and emotional development

To order copies of the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines, please contact Tammi Hicken at or 1-888-566-4357.

For further information about the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines, please contact Mary Beth Pistillo at or 402-557-6893.