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Early Learning Connection for Quality Portfolio

The Early Learning Connection for Quality Improvement project is designed to engage child care providers in a coherent series of workshop experiences that are designed for new learning, self-reflection, action planning and implementation that contribute to elements of quality. A personal portfolio serves as documentation for the changes that occur, including a new sense of professionalism and commitment to self-selected improvements in the quest for new levels of quality. Completion of the project will result in an award of 25 hours of in-service.

About the Quality Portfolio Process

The Quality Portfolio Circle of Workshops
Areas of Focus for Quality Improvements
The Process and Themes

Portfolio Materials

Self-Awareness Power Point Slides in PDF Format
About the Quality Portfolio
The Early Learning Connection
The Power of You

Professional Development Planning/Core Competencies Power Point (PDF)
Quality Portfolio Core Competencies Overview
Professional Development Planning

Program Quality Improvements

Family/Community Partnerships
Connecting with Families

Links to Resources

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State Training Registry Calendar
ECTC Media Center
Early Learning Guidelines
Early Childhood Core Competencies
School-Age/Youth Development Core Competencies
Early Childhood Career Development