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Early Childhood Coach Training

Early Childhood Coach Training is a three day training developed through the NDE Early Childhood Training Center. The training focuses on the developing communication skills, honoring diversity, and building skills that support adult learners. Coaches develop skills that encourage learners to reflect, problem-solve, and create plans for improvement. Joint plans are created with the adult learner through a coaching cycle of observation, reflection, and feedback.
The training is built on these foundational principles:

  • Appreciation for and responsiveness to cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Coaching is viewed as a co-equal partnership.
  • Adults bring with them a set of values, beliefs, and strategies.
  • Coaching occurs in the context of an agreed upon goal; has focus, and intentionality.
  • Coaching is about building capacity and confidence of the learners.
  • Coaches operate from a professional and ethical basis.
  • Coaching is a process, with reflections desired in a supportive and safe environment; has a defined purpose that may intentionally change over time.
  • Coaching, to be effective, requires mutual agreement.

The training is offered on a limited basis. Ongoing support to coaches is in development. For further information contact the Early Childhood Training Center at 402-557-6880.