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Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing

New - Effective April 15, 2013, the NDE Office of Early Childhood will no longer accept applications for a CDA Scholarship in the current system. Beginning June 1, 2013, the NDE Office of Early Childhood will begin accepting applications on a year-round basis. This date coincides with the transition to the CDA 2.0 system by the Council. NDE is implementing a system of payment that will allow CDA applicants to apply and/or renew online if they choose. Upon approval for a CDA Scholarship, NDE will email a Letter of Authorization to the applicant. This letter provides authorization for the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition to invoice NDE for the appropriate fees. This Letter of Authorization will be valid for 60 days and must be included with the application being sent to the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition.

For more information, please contact Linda Meyers (402-471-2980). Please share this information with others in your agency who have involvement with CDA.

The Council for Professional Recognition administers the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program. The CDA Program is designed to assess and credential early childhood education professionals. The CDA credential is based on a core set of competency standards. There are four types of credentials: preschool, infant/toddler, family child care, and home visitor. CDA Candidates must complete 120 hours of formal training, have experience in the appropriate setting, develop a professional resource file, distribute and collect parent questionnaires, and be observed by a CDA Advisor. Once the candidate has completed all of the requirements they can apply for a verification visit. During the verification visit a representative of the council will conduct a written exam and review all of the required documents. The representative submits the materials to the council for a decision.

Further information is available on the Council for Professional Recognition website. In Nebraska contact Linda Meyers (402-471-2980) for information on CDA credentialing.

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