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The purposes of Title III is to:

  1. Improve the education of limited English proficient (LEP) children by assisting them to learn English and meeting challenging state, academic and student academic achievement standards. AND
  2. Provide enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant children and youth.

Contact Information

Terri Schuster, 402-471-4694


Title III Accountability Manual 2013 (pdf) (updated January 2014)
Nebraska ELL Program Guide: Administrators 2013 (updated May 2013)
Nebraska ELL Program Guide: Teachers 2013 (updated May 2013)
Rule 15 and Implementation Guide Overview (presented Administrator's Days July 2012)

Spring 2014 ELDA Window closed March 21
ELDA Update April 2014


Poverty and Limited English Plans

For assistance with Limited English Proficiency or Poverty Plans, please go to the Poverty and Limited English Proficiency Plan webpage.