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NSSRS Resources

Last Updated: 10/14/2014

Nebraska Student and Staff Record System (NSSRS) documentation is organized as follows.

Section Description
Calendar Schedule of file submissions and collections
Instructions Instructions for each NSSRS file specification
NSSRS Validations Interactive list of NSSRS Validations
Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) Instructions for each CDC collection
Quick Reference Guides Brief user guides for each NSSRS subsystem
Program-specific Information Instructions providing guidance specific to a particular program area (e.g., Graduation, Career Education, Early Childhood Education, Homeless Education, and Special Education.
District/School Codes Lists of valid District Codes and School Codes
Blank Files Blank files formatted for each file specification
File Naming Conventions Summary of file naming requirements

Additional information is available on the NSSRS Secured Information website, including:

  • NSSRS Desktop Database
  • NDE Student ID System User Guide
  • Nebraska eScholar Data Source templates

Contact your district administrator for the NDE Portal activation codes enabling access to the NSSRS Secured Information website.


NSSRS Calendar 2014-2015 08/01/2014
  2013-2014 08/19/2013
Consolidated Data Collection

Previous versions of the NSSRS Calendar can be found on the Archive page.

Student Related Information

Topic School Year Version Date
NDE Student ID Upload   1.0 02/18/2011
Download   1.0 08/30/2005
NSSRS Student Uniq-ID Step by Step 7.1 09/08/2014

Includes instructions for:
- Student
- Student Snapshot
- Student Summary Attendance
- School Enrollment
- Student Grades
- Assessment Fact (NAI)
- Programs Fact
- Special Education Snapshot
- Title I Programs

2014-2015 9.0.2 10/14/2014
2013-2014 8.0.5 10/01/2013
Steps to Processing NSSRS Files 11/15/2012
Guidance for Reporting Student Grades Template 3.1.0 08/05/2013
Excessive Absenteeism and Student Summary Attendance Template Collection Periods 04/11/2014
Post School Survey
- Template is submitted in school year following the data year.
2013-2014 7.0.0 04/11/2014
2012-2013 6.0.2 04/25/2013

New Rules in NSSRS Data Manager (Student) 06/25/2014
Retired Errors in NSSRS Validation (Student) 04/11/2014

Who Reports What 08/25/2014

NSSRS Completer/Graduate Reports 11/03/2008
Guidance for Graduation Cohort 4.0.0 09/10/2014
Cohort Graduation Checklist 10/24/2013
Graduation Cohort Analysis Tool 11/05/2010
Expected Graduation Year Lookup Tool 11/05/2010
U.S. Department of Education "High School Graduation Rate Non-regulatory Guidance" 12/22/2008
Current and future methods for calculating graduation rates 02/04/2010

Guidance for Reporting Dropouts 3.0 01/13/2014
NSSRS Dropout Reports 11/03/2008

Highly Mobile Student Definition 09/30/2011

"The Nebraska Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity Categories for Students and Staff" (PDF) (MS WORD) 02/09/2009
"Final Guidance on Maintaining, Collecting, and Reporting Racial and Ethnic Data to the U.S. Department of Education" (Federal Register, Vol. 72, No. 202, Friday, October 19, 2007). (PDF) 10/19/2007

Post Secondary Related Information

Topic School Year Version Date
Postsecondary 2013-2014 4.0.0 08/29/2014
2012-2013 3.0.0 01/07/2014
CIP Codes 2010 08/26/2011

Staff Related Information

Topic School Year Version Date
Non Public Curriculum 2014-2015 6.0 08/04/2014
Biennial Course Form 07/21/2014
Cooperative Form 07/21/2014
2013-2014 5.0 01/02/2014
Staff 2014-2015 4.0.0 04/11/2014
2013-2014 3.1.1 09/11/2013
NDE Staff ID User Guide 08/01/2013
NDE Staff Reporting User Guide 07/29/2014
Guidance for Reporting Salary 4.0.0 07/24/2014

Previous versions of these documents can be found on the Archive page.

NSSRS Validation

NSSRS Validation is a web-based system accessed via the NDE Portal used to validate and verify accuracy of submitted data via NSSRS. Features include:

Documents Last Update
NSSRS Validation Activation Codes 08/17/2011
NSSRS Validations User Guide 08/14/2014

Consolidated Data Collection (CDC)

The Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) is a web-based system accessed via the NDE Portal designed to collect data, most often aggretate or summary data, for state and federal reporting.

Accessing the Consolidated Data Collection
  State of the Schools Report
  Report of Suspensions/Expulsions
  Public district instructions
Nonpublic system instructions
  Special Education and Support Services Final Financial Report For School Age Students (Ages 5 to 21)
  Assessed Valuation and Levies
Graduation Cohort Resolution Request (optional)
Days in Session/Instructional Program Hours
Elementary Site Allowance
ESU/District/System/School Information Report
Human Resources Director Contacts
Instructional Units
Nonpublic Dropouts Report
Nonpublic High School Completers
Nonpublic Membership Report
PK Instructional Program Hours/K Program
Request To Submit Data Late Or Make Data Changes
Student Growth Adjustment
Summer School Student Unit
Summer School Supplement
Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey
Technology Plan
Two-year New School Adjustment Application
  Non-certificated Staff
Substitute Teachers
Superintendent/ESU Administrator Transparency Pay Act - View Instructional Video
Teacher Vacancy Survey
Title I
  Annual Participation Report
  Title I Annual Caseload Count of Children In Local Institutions for Neglected or Delinquent
  Pupil Transportation

Program-specific Information

Career Education
  2008-2012 Perkins IV Accountability Resources
  Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (formerly "Appendix D")


5.0.0 04/11/2014
Course Codes with Clearing Endorsements (Excel)
Course Code List (PDF)
2013-2014 4.1.1 09/25/2013
Course Codes with Clearing Endorsements (Excel)
Course Code List (PDF)
Early Childhood Education
  List of District Early Childhood Programs by Type
  High Ability Learners Collection Instructions 07/23/2014
  NDE Data Access and Use Policy and Procedures August 2013
Standards, Assessment and Accountability
  Instructions for "State of the Schools Report" in the Consolidated Data Collection (CDC)

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guide Last Update
Approving NSSRS Collections 09/01/2011
NSSRS Data Manager Error File Descriptions 07/31/2009
NSSRS Importing Data Manager Files into Excel 03/25/2014
Steps for Importing Files Into Excel 07/29/2014
Steps to Processing NSSRS Files 11/15/2012

User Guides

User Guide Last Update
NSSRS Desktop Database User Guide 01/13/2014

District/School Codes

All Districts & School Codes (Excel) 09/17/2014
Public (including Special Purpose Schools) (PDF) 09/17/2014
Nonpublic (PDF) 09/17/2014
ESU (PDF) 09/17/2014
Rule 18 Interim-program Schools (PDF) 09/17/2014
Postsecondary Institutions (PDF) 09/17/2014

Blank NSSRS Files

The following links are to Microsoft Excel files containing the file structures for each NSSRS template. If used to prepare data for submission to NSSRS, the contents must first be saved to a comma-delimited (.csv) or tab-delimited (.tab) file.

File Specification School Year Last Update
Assessment Fact (for NAI) 2013-2014
NDE Staff ID (.txt)   04/22/2011
NDE Student ID (.txt)   12/07/2005
School Enrollment 2014-2015
Special Education Snapshot 2014-2015 04/11/2014
2013-2014 04/21/2010
Student 2014-2015
Student Grades 2014-2015
Student Snapshot 2014-2015
Student Summary Attendance 2014-2015
Post School Survey 2014-2015
Programs Fact 2014-2015
Title I Programs 2014-2015
Staff Demographics 2014-2015 08/13/2014
Staff Position Assignments 2014-2015 08/13/2014

File Naming Conventions

File Specification File Naming Convention Pattern
Assessment Fact
School Enrollment
Special Education Snapshot
Staff Demographics ##-####_staff_demographics.zzz
Staff Position Assignments ##-####_staff_position_assignments.zzz
Student Grades
Student Snapshot
Student Summary Attendance
Post School Survey
Programs Fact
Title I Programs


##-#### is the NDE-assigned District Code

YYYYMMDDHHMM is a date and time stamp

.xxx is one of the following:

.tab Tab delimited
.csv Comma delimited (comma separated values)
.txt Fixed Width

.zzz is one of the following:

.tab Tab delimited
.csv Comma delimited (comma separated values)