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Child & Adult Care Food Program

Child Caring Online - information about the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Core facts about apples

 Apples are a very good fruit for building healthy bodies. A medium sized apple:

  • Contains almost no fat - helps reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Has almost no sodium - helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Supplies Vitamin A - necessary for good vision, bone and tooth development.

  • Contains protein and fibers - helps reduce cholesterol and may help prevent colon cancer.

  • Contains natural sugars called fructose.

  • Has only 81 calories.

  • Contains no cholesterol or artificial colors.

  • Is high in complex carbohydrates - may lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Supplies potassium - may help control high blood pressure.

  • Contains the trace mineral boron - helps the body use calcium and keeps brain function alert.

Source: The International Apple Institute

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