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Nebraska PreK-12 1:1 Initiatives


Listed on the maps are school districts in Nebraska that have established 1:1 laptop initiatives or a 1:1 mobile device initiative in their district. If your district is considering a laptop initiative we hope that you will use these districts as resources.


       Required reading for a 1:1 initiative: Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen


"Laptops alone will not improve student achievement, to do that requires a teacher"

Map of 1:1 Laptop Initiatives

View Nebraska 1:1 Laptop initiatives in a larger map


Map of 1:1 Mobile Device Initiatives

View Nebraska 1:1 Mobile Device Initiatives in a larger map

We will be working to update the map with the most current information. Updated 1/28/2011

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one-to-one computing:

  each teacher and student has access to a computer, the internet and software anytime and anywhere. 

Online Resources for 1-1 teachers

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