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E-Rate Modernization Order Summary
FCC Order Released July 23, 2014

Also see: FCC E-rare Modernization Order released July 23, 2014 (FCC 14-99)

Internet Safety Policies, CIPA, and Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act:

2012 Requirements of CIPA

FCC guidance to Schools and Libraries, implementation of the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act:

Entity Compliance Guide

The following statement in the last paragraph of the compliance guide reads:

When schools certify their compliance with CIPA, by filing FCC Erate Forms 486 or 479, they will also be providing a certification that their Internet Safety Policies provide for the education of minors about appropriate online behavior. In order to make this certification, they will have needed to update their Internet Safety Policies with the plan they are using to provide education about appropriate online behavior.

Your policy may point to a plan that exists in your curriculum guide or other location.

The NDE Curriculum/Instruction Standards Instructional Tool provides resources that teachers may use as part of their lesson plans addressing the new requirements.  Curriculum guides and teacher lesson plans may point to Language Arts, any grade level, section LA (gr).4.1.c.

Curriculum/ Instructions, Standards Instructional tool link


The Erate Validation Report provides the Official Fall Membership and Free and Reduced lunch counts that are used to calculate the percentage of discount when applying for Erate funding. 

E-Rate Validation Report Instructions


For questions regarding E-Rate and/or the E-Rate process contact SuAnn Witt at 402.471.2085 or