Office Communicator

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is now available to the Department of Education.  Communicator is an instant messaging client that integrates with Outlook. It facilitates collaboration and information gathering, bridging the communication gap between face-to-face meetings and email.

Link to video presentation on using Communicator

1. Using Office Communicator for the first time
2. Adding contacts

Using Office Communicator for the first time

Communicator resides in the Start menu, under All Programs.

Opening the program for the first time will bring up the box shown below.

Signing in to Communicator is a two-step process. For the initial field, enter your email address (e.g. After clicking Sign In, enter your user name and password as shown below. For example: stn\john.doe. Click Sign In to continue.

Adding Contacts

Now that you are signed in to Communicator you will want to add contacts. When you first open Communicator you will see the contacts window shown below. Anyone in the state email system can be added as a contact.

To add a contact, click on the dropdown menu in the top left hand corner of the contacts box, seen below.

Navigate to Tools->Add a Contact.

Choose Use an email address or sign-in address and click Next. Enter the email address of the person you would like to add as a contact.

Communicator will add the contact to your contacts list. You can click Next to continue adding contacts or click Finish when done.