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Introductory Lessons

1. Welcome Career Explorers

In this lesson students will learn why career exploration is important and fun by planning their personal career roadmap, researching careers, and discussing the differences between a job and a career

2. Piecing Together the Cluster Model

In this lesson students will move around the room to depict the organizational framework of the Nebraska Career Education Career Cluster Model. Students will be guided in discussion to understand the difference between Foundation Knowledge and Skills, career fields, and career clusters. Students will also be guided to understand that as they are representing a piece of the model there are people who work in careers found in the different fields and clusters on the model and that those people use Foundation Knowledge and Skills in those careers.

3. Career Cluster Word Map Activity

In this lesson students will obtain information about the key descriptions and definitions of a career cluster. Students will study the composition of a career cluster and then draw a picture representing what they know about career cluster composition. This activity can be used with teaching any of the sixteen career clusters.

4. CALS Assessment

In this lesson students will be introduced to the Career and Life Skills (CALS) Assessment. Students will be assessed separately throughout the career exploration class in the nine Foundation Knowledge and Skills sections and will complete their self assessment by the end of the course.