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Perkins Postsecondary Collaborative (PPC)

Nebraska Career Education (NCE)hosted a Perkins Postsecondary Collaborative (PPC) meeting on April 24, 2012 from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm at The Cornhusker, a Marriot Hotel; 333 S. 13th St., Lincoln, NE 68508.

This event was envisioned as part of conversations held during Perkins Postsecondary monitoring visits across the state of Nebraska. During the monitoring process, key Community College personnel expressed an interest in modifying NCE’s annual Regional Technical Assistance Meetings (RTAMs) to focus on postsecondary institutions. Specifically, it was suggested that the meeting address the unique challenges, innovations, best practices, and opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Nebraska’s Community Colleges.

As such, NCE developed the Perkins Postsecondary Collaborative. The overall aim of this meeting was to provide an open forum for the discussion of various aspects of Perkins funding and programming. The PPC meting agenda and meeting resources can be accessed below.

PPC Presentations

To access powerpoint presentations from the PPC, click on the links below.

Additional Resources

To access additional resources from the PPC, click on the links below.

PPC Participants

Below is a list of individuals who participated in the Perkins Postsecondary Collaborative (PPC).

  • Mary Barkeloo, WNCC
  • W. David Barnes, CCC
  • Anna Benedict, NECC
  • Katie Bieber, NDE
  • John Blaylock, NECC
  • Deb Brennan, CCC
  • Scott Broady, MCC
  • Carolyn Butler, SCC
  • Sherry Desel, CCC
  • Bill Eakins, MPCC
  • Dr. Connie Eichhorn, MCC
  • Dr. Cory Epler, NDE
  • Wayne Erickson, NECC
  • Roger Evans, SCC
  • Heidi Farrall, CCC
  • Dr. Carl Fielder, MCC
  • Dr. Terry Gaalswyk, WNCC
  • Tony Glenn, NDE
  • Lenny Hassel, MPCC
  • Matt Hastings, NDE
  • David Ho, MCC
  • Donna Hoffman, NDE
  • Richard Katt, NDE
  • Michela Keeler-Strom, NECC
  • Shelli Koester, NECC
  • Matt Kreifels, NDE
  • Dr. Randy Nelson, SCC
  • Marni Nelson-Snyder, CCC
  • Beverly Newton, NDE
  • Tad Pfeifer, MPCC
  • Carol Ringenberg, NDE
  • Brandi Rossman, NECC
  • Dr. James Schmucker, WNCC
  • Michelle Setlik, CCC
  • Judy Shonerd, SCC
  • Bonnie Sibert, NDE
  • Erika Volker, PFI