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Nebraska Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parental involvement is an integral part of all Title I programs, including the MEP.  Research shows that parents play a significant role in the academic achievement of their children.  Therefore, it is important for parents and schools to develop partnerships and build ongoing dialogues to improve student achievement.  Title I supports parental involvement by enlisting individual parents to help their children do well in school.  In order to receive MEP funds, SEAs and the local operating agencies must implement programs, activities, and procedures that effectively involve migrant parents.  An SEA must: 1) develop its comprehensive State plan in consultation with parents; 2) consult with parent advisory councils (PACs) regarding programs that are one school year in duration; and 3) plan and operate the MEP in a manner that provides for the same parental involvement as is required in section 1118. 

SEAs and local operating agencies must consult with parent advisory councils in planning and operating the MEP if they operate programs of one school year in duration.

Veronica Estevez, Parent Involvement and Quality Control Coordinator
Educational Service Unit #15
305 E 1st  St
McCook, NE 69001
(308) 370-9030

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