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English Language Arts
Approved September 5, 2014

State Board of Education Report

Highlights of the State Board of Education Meetings on
October 2-3, 2014

Archived Highlights of the State Board of Education Meetings

McREL Alignment Study for Mathematics

Report Executive Summary of the McREL Alignment Study for Mathematics
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Comparison of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to the Nebraska Mathematics Standards
Grades K-12 Click Here

Comparison of the Nebraska Mathematics Standards to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Grades K-12 Click Here

Adopted Timeline for Standards Review
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Community Eligibility Provision and Title I

Teacher Principal Performance Frameworks

Teacher Principal Performance Framework
Adopted by
The Nebraska State Board of Education November 9, 2011

A QuESTT for Nebraska

Since 1953, the State Board of Education, acting as a unit, shall be the policy-forming, planning, and evaluative body for the state school program (Neb. Rev. Stat. Section 79-301-(2)). Although the Nebraska Legislature has, over the past sixty years, set forth numerous duties for the State Board to act, it is still the responsibility of the State Board of Education to take each of those prescribed duties and set forth policy, planning and evaluation systems to ensure that Nebraska’s school program is the best it can be. Nebraska State Board Policy G19, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability (SAA) Belief Statements adopted in 2012 and most recently LB 438, The Quality Education and Accountability Act, frame the foundation for the Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow: A QuESTT for Nebraska!

To learn more about A QuESTT, please visit the following link:

Shelby Aaberg of Scottsbluff
Named 2015 Nebraska Teacher of the Year

2015 TOY

Shelby Aaberg, a mathematics teacher at Scottsbluff High School, was named Nebraska 2015 Teacher of the Year today during a surprise award presentation.

NeSA Reading, Mathematics, Science and Grade 4 Writing Test Results

Superintendent/ESU Administrator Transparency Act

Superintendent/ESU Administrator
Transparency Pay Act
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LB 1103 Statewide Vision for
Education in Nebraska

The Education Committee of the Legislature has taken the first steps to develop a common statewide vision for education in Nebraska by posting an initial Vision, Mission, and Goals and requesting feedback from Nebraskans.

Access information regarding hearings
at the following link: