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Family & Consumer Sciences - Essential Learnings Overview

In the spring of 1995, National Standarsd for Family & Consumer Sciences Education were released. In May of 2005 the National Association of State Administrators of Family & Consumer Sciences initiated a project to update them. They can be found at:

National FCS Standards - 2nd Edition

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Executive Summary - Nebraska Edition (files)

In Nebraska, Standards are written for English/Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. All other content areas have developed Essential Learnings (another word for standards). The FCS Essential Learnings were developed in 1999 in a series of workshops involving secondary FCS teachers from across Nebraska using the national standards as a major resource. They are intended to serve as a guide to teachers as they develop curriculum at the local level. The following links will take you to two resources related to the fCS Essential Learnings. In addition, you will find other sources of information related to the FCS Curriculum.

FCS Essential Learnings - a formatted linear listing

Potential Student Demonstrations --
Learning experiences at the Middle/Jr and Senior High Level