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Grants Management System (GMS) Description and Purpose

The GMS is a web-based system used by the Department for processing various grants and plans. The system supports application submissions, amendments, and approval as well as the issuance of grant award notifications. The system also supports the processing of payments against grant awards through reimbursement requests.
Its purposes areto provide:

  1. districts an easy to use mechanism with a common look and feel originating from various sources
  2. quick response time between the Department and districts
  3. real time financial representation.

A majority of grants continue to be placed on the GMS which has become the principal method for processing Department issued grants.

GMS Portal Accounts

The NDE web portal is the front door to access NDE web-based systems.

GMS Training/Instructions

Videos must be viewed in QuickTime. A free download of the software is available by clicking here.

NDE State and Federal Grant Management Requirements and Guidance