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Child Passenger Safety Law

All children up to age 6 riding in any motor vehicle must ride correctly secured in an appropriate child restraint system that meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213).  This means that the child restraint systems must be appropriate for the child's size, age and weight.

What's the effect of this law on pupil transportation vehicles?

Pupil transportation vehicle fitted with seat belts must also be equipped with the appropriate child restraint systems when transporting children up to age six.  School buses (except Type A buses) are not required to be equipped with seat belts.  However, if a bus is fitted with seat belts, appropriate child restraint systems must be provided for children up to age six.

Resource for Choosing & Using Child Safety Restraint Systems

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's web site to get detailed information about transporting children in buses.  For additional information on child restraint systems and which would work best in school vans or school buses, contact the following retailers of child restraint systems:

For more details, contact:

  • Jason Kerkman, Nebraska SAFE KIDS Coordinator
    • Nebraska Health and Human Services System
    • (402) 471-8749
Program Contacts
  • Janice Eret: (402) 471-2248 or
  • Bryce Wilson: (402) 471-4320 or

Updated on 04/21/2014