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NCTE Executive Committee Meeting - August 22, 2014 next meeting January 22, 2015

NCTE Meeting - October 3, 2014

The Nebraska Council on Teacher Education (NCTE) is an advisory body to the Nebraska State Board of Education. Its membership is appointed by the State Board from representatives of state-wide organizations which have a direct involvement or interest in teacher and administrative preparation, and from higher education institutions in Nebraska which are approved by the State Board of Education to prepare and recommend for certification teachers, administrators, and counselors; and those people recommended for special services endorsements. The State Board of Education reserves sole authority over college program approval and certification.

As an advisory body to the State Board of Education (Board), NCTE will develop and recommend standards for State Board approval and adoption relating to:

State approval of higher education institutions providing teacher, counselor, and/or administrative preparatory programs; and programs leading to a special services certificate.

Admission into and retention in an approved professional education program leading to teacher, counselor, administrative, or special services certification. 

Issuance of teacher counselor, administrative, and special services certificates.

Certificate endorsements.

Relationships of Nebraska teacher, counselor, administrator, and special services certification with other states and national bodies.

Overview of NCTE- updated 9-18-14


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