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August 22, 2014 - NCTE Executive Committee Meeting Site

Nebraska education associations and local representatives work as partners to assure high standards for Nebraska educator preparation and certification, with the ultimate goal to provide PK−12 students the best educational opportunities possible.

The Nebraska Council on Teacher Education (NCTE) was established in 1947 to improve and standardize the preparation of teachers in Nebraska. It started as a voluntary organization with membership representing the Nebraska State Education Association, the Nebraska Congress of Parents and Teachers, the Nebraska Association of County Superintendents, the Nebraska Association of School Boards, and the Nebraska Association for Better Education.

In 1979, the composition of the council was given formal structure by then Commissioner of Education Anne Campbell. Equal representation was given to practicing teachers, higher education, and school governance, each with 34 official representatives. Total membership equaled 150 members.

In 1987, the State Board of Education legally constituted the body based on new statutory language. Currently, the membership is appointed by the State Board of Education and one representative from each college/university teacher preparation institution, an equal number of practicing teachers and governance representatives (administrators and local school board members), a representative from the Nebraska Council on American Private Education, a representative of the PTA, two at-large members appointed by the State Board of Education and two representatives from the Nebraska Department of Education.

As an advisory body to the State Board of Education, the purposes of the NCTE include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding program approval standards for educator preparation programs, Rule 20, certification processes, Rule 21 and basic testing requirements, Rule 23.

  • Supporting involvement of membership in state and national educator preparation program accreditation and approval processes.

  • Providing input into the revision of endorsement standards for the preparation of teachers and administrators, Rule 24. This process is accomplished with the involvement of local administrators, school board members, teachers, content specialists, parents, college/university faculty and representatives from the Nebraska Department of Education who serve on ad hoc committees to review and update content area endorsements.

  • Developing recommendations to strengthen the recruitment, retention and renewal of a quality teaching force.

  • Building collaborative working relationships and open lines of communication among college/university teacher preparation institutions and public and private K-12 schools.

  • Creating a forum where representatives of educator preparation programs, practicing teachers and administrators, school board members, parents and the Nebraska Department of Education can meet and discuss issues and opportunities related to developing highly effective Nebraska educators.

For additional information about the Nebraska Council on Teacher Education, please contact:
Pat Madsen -- (402) 471-4863 -- or
Marlene Beiermann -- (402) 471-3397 --

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